Top Australian Road Trips

So, you've chosen Australia as your annual holiday destination for 2013 - with its world famous monuments, its glorious weather and its breathtaking natural landscapes, you know that you're going to be left spoilt for choice with things to do (in fact, the only worry you've got is how you're going to manage to fit it all in!).

But, if you're anything like me, going on holiday always leaves you feeling the same way - you may have spent the whole time exploring your surroundings, visiting the local tourist attractions and buying lots of souvenirs for your family and friends, but what about all of those things you didn't get to see?

We all know that on planning on a trip to Australia, there's a whole list of things you must see throughout the duration of your stay - from the Sydney Opera House to Bondi Beach - but Australia has so much more to offer than just the regular tourist-spots - and, if given the chance, visiting them will make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

It's time to go off the beaten track and head out on a road trip - because doing so will ensure that you get to see all of Australia's most amazing, yet underrated, places. So, rent yourself a car, pack it up with all your belongings and get ready to experience Australia up close and personal:

Head Out To The Coasts

So, you may have thought that hitting Bondi Beach was the definition of visiting the coast, but Australia has a whole range of other beautiful coasts that you definitely must see.

You could start by taking an amble up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns, and make a pit stop at the beautiful Yamba or Byron Bay - with their golden sand beaches and cool blue waters, you sure won't be left disappointed.

Or, if your trip to Australia falls between July-December, make sure take the journey up to Hervey Bay for a spot of whale watching - the bay is home to many of the most spectacular mammals on Earth; the humpback whale.

If you've come to Australia and are hoping to try out the Aussie-sport of surfing, then head to Bells Beach - where the Southern Ocean swells are flecked with surfers. Here you can try and catch some waves yourself whilst being surrounded by the Twelve Apostles, one of world's most famous natural landscapes which have been eroded from the coast over millions of years.

Head Inland

Just like our coasts, inland Australia is definitely worth an explore.

And an Australian road trip wouldn't be complete without driving through the Australian outback. Head to the world famous Ayres Rock, park up and embark on a base walk around The Rock with an Aboriginal guide.

However, if you're in Australia for more than a few weeks, then head out on the ultimate road trip around Highway 1 - as the longest highway in the world - stretching an astonishing 25,000km - it will take you on the ultimate trip around the whole of the Australia.

If you are planning to head out into the midst of Australian outback, it's absolutely vital that you're fully prepared for all scenarios. It may be worth making sure that you've got yourself adequate budget car insurance and roadside recovery assistance, just in case you encounter a few bumps or scratches on your way, or even worse, your car encounters a few mechanical problems.

Take Stock of the Stock Routes

If you fancy learning a little bit more about Australia's heritage and history, drive down Australia's various stock routes.

Traditionally, a network of stock routes were developed so Australian graziers could move their cattle to water and onto market to sell.

The Canning Stock Route, at 2000km, is the longest stock route in the world. Its single set of wheel tracks lead through some of the harshest and most remote terrain on earth, traversing the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. Or, become familiar with places like the Strzelecki, Tanami and Birdsville Tracks and the Gibb River Road, as these routes really are at the heart of traditional Aussie folklore.

Whichever way you stretch out along the great Aussie road trip, you'll find an adventure around every corner.

Chloe Marbanque