Learn and Respect the Local Culture & Customs

Learn and Respect the Local Culture & Customs

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We all like to dress up or wear comfortable and often cooling clothes (who wants to wear long sleeves in humid 40deg heat?) but it's extremely rude to disrespect the attitude of the local area you're visiting.

Learn the local attitudes and customs BEFORE travelling to a country to avoid looking like an obnoxious tourist.

A few tips:

The people running and using religious buildings like mosques, temples and churches will always like you to cover up as a sign of respect. Lose the tank top, short and short skirt and ladies always

Many of these places will offer

What's even more obnoxious is if you decide to take off the scarf you are given once you step inside. Many mosques are open to the public and your nonchalance to their religion and custom is offence to worshippers who not only open their homes but also their hearts to you. Be respectful. Put some clothes on.