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Well I'm still unpacking this one. It was harder than I expected... heat, flies, march flies, ticks, stones, sore feet, snakes, dead, alive and plastic, long long long tracks, dusty trails and hard road surfaces. Why did I do this.....? But then there were track angels, and cold drinks appearing out of nowhere, and such amazing women, and two perfect guides and scenery, and foot baths and conversations and laughter and cocktails of magnesium and hydralite and berocca, along with anti histamines and pain killers. It was a challenge...but it's not a walk... it's a pilgrimage so I guess it had to be hard... It needs to be respected. It was hard won. And in that beautiful Abbey at the end when we all walked in together to the sound of the bells ringing the Monk told us that a divine Spirit had been responsible for us being there... and that a word or phrase would stay with us from the scriptures he recited. And during that afternoon of our arrival and the next day when we went to mass something strangely transformative weaved it's feet no longer hurt, my heart felt full and as I drove away the words "Be Kind" resonated with me. I'm not sure what happened on that walk...but it was unlike anything I've ever done, even on the Camino trail in Spain. I don't quite understand it all....but I think we all became Pilgrims over the course of those 180 plus kms. It was kind of perfect... it will definitely stay with me for a long time... and I can't believe I'm going to tell people to do it.....but I actually am. Buen Camino... and remember to 'be kind.' That's what I got from doing this walk... I wonder what you'll find?

23/09/2023 Lyndall G

Well planned, well executed. A long day packed with different activities, in good company as always.

16/09/2023 Susan M

Really enjoyed the walk, great company and thoroughly enjoyed Chris' leading style. Delicious morning tea and sharing over a cuppa always adds to the lovely experience.

16/09/2023 Susan P

Great organisation and tour. Squirrel was fantastic, so much knowledge and enthusiasm ! Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

17/09/2023 Tatyana

16/09/2023 Lyndall

a first time experience with a group of amazing women walking the Highlights of the Bibbulmun track. informative lovely guides - Jess and Claire who shared their knowledge of life and the area. positive experience with like minded active women sharing experiences in such great company. I will return for another experience for sure. thank you Orchid finder winner :)

26/08/2023 Heather

This was a fantastic experience, I found some of the climbs challenging, but with the encouragement and support of the wonderful guides I completed them all. I had so much fun.

07/09/2023 Irene Miller

This was a fantastic experience, I found some of the climbs challenging, but with the encouragement and support of the wonderful guides I completed them all. I had so much fun.

07/09/2023 Irene Miller

Claire and Jess were amazing guides and the hikes selected were a perfect blend of landscape, difficulty and location. It was definitely one of the best AW trips I have done. Also great training if you are contemplating doing the Overland track.

07/09/2023 Sarah W

The best hiking trip I’ve done. The variety of hikes was perfect with the guides paying close attention to make sure we were both challenged and having a fabulous time. Would 100% recommend this trip!

07/09/2023 Rayleen

I was a wonderful way to experience the outback and see some of most unique landscapes. We arrived as individuals but soon became good friends who supported each other and pitched in as needed.

28/08/2023 Dianne V

Great walk along the coast path with stunning scenery and great company. Seeing dolphins and Leonie's morning tea was a highlight!

09/09/2023 Natalie


09/09/2023 Sharon T

A great challenge shared with a great group once again.

10/09/2023 Donna

Absolutely fantastic trip. Definitely seeing the highlights , wow from walking through Tingle Tree forests to hiking over sand dunes along beautiful coastline with whales in the water. Our guides, Jess and Claire, were brilliant. They were very knowledgeable and passionate about the environment we were walking in. The meals they provided were exceptional and little touches in the table decorations did not go unnoticed. Both were outstanding leaders very tuned in to the needs of the group. Thanks for a great trip.

26/08/2023 Rochelle S

A fabulous trip with amazing scenery, great group of adventurous women and two fantastic guides who made sure we had the most wonderful experiences.

26/08/2023 Sandra B.

Another wonderful adventure... joining ladies that are our for a great tine.

The Red Centre does not disappoint. Beautiful skies, stars, moon, great food (thanks Niall) and our smiling leader Sue.

28/08/2023 Lisa Gort

Beautiful day with a great bunch of ladies

08/09/2023 Eve F

Incredible Red Centre Safari! Thanks Sue & Niall. What an awesome tour. 6 days of full on action - showing as much as possible of this amazing part of Australia. Great food, facilities and excellent information provided at every site. Thanks a million! Absolutely loved it.

28/08/2023 Dawb

This trip was everything I hoped it would be and more. Everything you need - excellent guides, delicious food, comfy swag and tent, incredible scenery and best of all the company of amazing ladies.

28/08/2023 Robyn T

This trip exceeded all my expectations. Sue and Niall were amazing tour hosts and kept the trip light hearted, fun and educational. Truly amazing.

28/08/2023 Nicole M

26/08/2023 Vivian F

Great day out

02/09/2023 Sandra

Fabulous highlights,& I enjoyed the many interstate guests.

The young guides J & C need to be commended for their knowledge and professionalism. And humour, you girls certainly ‘made’ the trip.

26/08/2023 WR

Great experience. Well organised and capable, confident, approachable guide made it all the more enjoyable.

19/05/2023 KD

What a beautiful day this was! Stunning views on both of these hikes. I wasn't expecting to see so many wildflowers especially orchids this early in the season. I can only imagine how spectacular it will be in September! I highly recommend this day trip.

12/08/2023 Stasia

06/08/2023 JANETTE MEYER

First hike with this group and was made to feel very welcome by all. Great walk and introduction to the Bibbulmun, looking forward to doing more sections of this hike.

06/08/2023 Joan S

A splendid morning's walk in the wild, especially after the recent rain, which made everything damp and sparkling.

04/08/2023 Annelieske N

A wonderful walk through the bush to get away from the hustle and bustle. Lots of chances to stop and see the wildflowers.

04/08/2023 Helen S

AW continues to offer such a variety of activities. No matter what they are, they are delivered in such a polished, professional and unbelievably friendly and person centred way! No matter who is the Guide, you feel yo have known them all your life.

Squirrel was fantastic and it is wonderful we will be with her again on another adventure.

I need to make a special mention of the Acknowledgement to Country always made at the beginning of walks/Tours/Adventures.

Thank you AW Team. With this happening, our country will get somewhere!

04/08/2023 Janelle Parks

First walk with AW. It was wonderful. Thank you Squirrel xx

04/08/2023 Jenny C

The Kokoda Track and Buna Battlefield Tour exceeded all my expectations in every aspect.

09/07/2023 Wendy Reid

Kokoda is an amazing experience and so glad that I partnered with AW and Kokoda Crossing. Trav and Jazz were amazing leaders. Thanks to Trav for his insightful historical comments which were provided along the track.

I went on the trip with expectations of the physical challenge, scenery and historical aspects but I was blown away by the cultural experience. The porters were amazing and provided an insight into their lives. They sang to us each night and provided truely memorable performances. An incredible trip with an amazing group of inspiring women who all came well prepared for the challenge.

09/07/2023 Leonie

21/07/2023 Karen B

21/07/2023 Christine Shirley

What a truly surreal experience. This AW adventure is definitely not for the faint hearted as sea kayaking really is sea (ocean) kayaking! We were at the mercy of the sea and whilst she could have been stronger, higher and wilder it was enough for me to be way beyond my comfort zone (and the mainland). It was scary but I wasn't scared. But like so many AW adventures we all rose to the occasion. James’ professional, calm, knowledgeable and trustworthy demeanour kept my fear at bay as every day we paddled from one location to another. Our impressive meals three times a day were definitely gourmet.Huge thanks to James, your 'worried' Mum (and Dad) can be very proud of you. And a big thank you to Darcy for your supportive role.A once in a lifetime adventure/expedition and one to be talked about for many years to come. PS Make sure you pack your muscles, sense of adventure, team attitude,"go with the flow" mindset, insect repellent and sea sickness tablets.

09/07/2023 Lynn M

A good balance of hiking and relaxation, with yummy food and great company, as always.

21/07/2023 Susan M

Beginning the slower-paced 3 days at Buna allowed time to absorb PNG culture and its people, understand and learn more of the WWII history that took place here. Walking the Kokoda Track accompanied by an amazing group of ladies and led by owner of Kokoda Crossing a most professional leader and knowledgeable war historian Travis, having my bag carried by an incredibly strong and supportive porter was the most challenging both physically and mentally I've done yet !!! I absolutely loved the experience and all assistance given to achieve this humbling and rewarding tour. I highly recommend this to learn the important ties Australia and PNG have through war and recommend following all training advice for maximum enjoyment.

09/07/2023 Lesley W

It’s was great to go for a shorter walk; great weather and company

22/07/2023 Lynda W

It was well run and our guides James and Darcy were brilliant! Would highly recommend Coral Sea Kayaking.

09/07/2023 Cathy R

It was a great day spent with such great ladies who enjoy getting outdoors and doing what we all l love

16/07/2023 JANETTE MEYER

Leonie really inspired me to experiment more with phone photography. I had no idea how much could be achieved. The tips and tricks and practical demonstrations/applications were a fabulous way to learn. Thank you Leonie

16/07/2023 Catherine McAvaney

Perfect winter escape and great experience to be part of.

30/06/2023 Janelle Parks

Fantastic guide, great walk and as always, fantastic AW adventure.

16/07/2023 Janelle Parks

The Top End Explorer was just that. Fantastic gorges, a wealth of knowledge from our Guide, large areas of land covered in a short period of time.

30/06/2023 Carol N

Excellent morning walking- thank you to our 2 leaders and the company of the other ladies on the walk

15/07/2023 Dianne

I have had another amazing adventure with AW, top class guide and host. It was well planned and comfortable pace shared with very respectful women. I am very grateful.

30/06/2023 Sheree W