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My first time with AW!..absolutely awesome.Fabulous group of girls, so welcoming and friendly. Have already booked some more adventures. Our guide Sue was so knowledgeable and fun, and yummy morning tea.

07/05/2022 Dee K

I haven't been to Bribie Island in years and have never walked around the island. Such a treat and with a great group of women and of course our absolutely wonderful hosts, Caron & Kat.

07/05/2022 CJ

Lovely location, great guides and fun friendly company. :)

07/05/2022 ilona

What an amazing adventure!! A perfect mix of fun, excitement, challenges, experience, learning, friendship, laughs, doggies and lotsa water. I feel like I achieved something just a little bit out of my comfort zone.

This trip was so much better than your average organised holiday. I'm already checking out the other trips run by Adventurous Women!!

Special thanks to Jimmy, Veronica, Dave, Sue O and all the other lovely ladies for making it a trip to remember forever :)

29/04/2022 Diane Lord

Great coastline... seals, dolphins spectacular views from North Head and Sandy Cape. Sleeping on the beach was fantastic and having a campfire each night was bonus. A great getaway with an amazing crew of women. A great collab between Capricorn Kayaking and AW.

29/04/2022 Lyndall G

Another fabulous AW fishing trip with AWesome fishing, great group of chicks, fabulous food and much laughter; and unexpected adventure and excitement. Looking forward to next year!

23/04/2022 Anne

Loved the coastal walk, the ladies were all friendly and Imogen a caring guide.

15/04/2022 Caroline R

Great fun and great company

08/04/2022 Leisa H

Lovely snippet of our history and a nice easy walk .

09/04/2022 Gina D

Great fun and great company

08/04/2022 Leisa H

Joining an Adventurous Women trip is like catching up with a group of friends. With the guides and your fellow travelers you are at ease from day 1 to enjoy the scenery, walking and conversation.

04/04/2022 Sally-Anne Mitchell

Lovely snippet of our history and a nice easy walk .

09/04/2022 Gina D

Great fun and great company

08/04/2022 Leisa H

The trek was very enjoyable the scenery, smells of the eucalyptus trees such a glorious day couldn't ask for better.

09/04/2022 Bronwyn

Fabulous day. The crew were exceptional as were the volunteers. Great fun learning the ropes (literally) and being given the chance to 'captain' the boat.

03/04/2022 Beth C

Fantastic adventure that suits all abilities.

03/04/2022 Tricia

Great day, good company and Leonie was an excellent leader.

02/04/2022 Heather F

Chambers Gully always delivers!

02/04/2022 Lynn J

It wax fun, a bit challenging and Chris is enormously patient anfpd good humoured.

02/04/2022 Cheryle S

02/04/2022 Heather T

Well organised walk with Leonie providing interesting background information about the area. Walk was at a good pace.

02/04/2022 Libby H

A great weekend getaway in Margs. Many different things to do. Loved exploring the caves, Gin tasting and walking in the forest. Dinner at the pub was a great way to wind up the first day. Best part was having Jazzy do all the thinking so we could just chill out and enjoy the weekend.

26/03/2022 Lyndall G

Great experience! Hadn't been to the Old Mill for countless years. Very informative. Loved the Twilight Paddle and Claire was an awesome host!

19/03/2022 Trurina C

What a wonderful weekend. Although I have been a frequent visitor to Margaret river I can honestly say I had not been to any of the places we visited. We did a lot but it wasn't too much…. It was a good pace.

Even a little bit of rain didn’t dampen our spirits. Accomodation was really good and was so well situated within the town. Our guide Jazzy was wonderful and was very good at rearranging our itinerary when rain caused a few problems meaning we didn’t miss out on anything - well done Jazzy…👏👏👏👏👏👏

26/03/2022 Kay W

Was a great day! enjoyed immensely!x

26/03/2022 Cathy B.

I just wanted you to know that Kat and Caron were the greatest caring guides on our walk on Friday. It was so, so humid and they supported and encouraged me so often during this hilly walk.

Towards the end one of the walkers fell and the care everyone showed to her replicated the same kindness the the guides had shown.

Two special hikers who know so much and willingly share tips and support throughout the walk.

You’ve got two gems there, who also enjoy a laugh.

Looking forward to more hikes in the future.

25/03/2022 Angela O

Magnificent, highly recommended it to ALL the Women out there. There was laughter, bellies full and to overcome one's fear with horse riding. Lots of encouragement 🙂🙃😉😁.

26/03/2022 Lidia R

Interesting history lesson, delicious afternoon tea, fun paddling.

19/03/2022 Susan M

A wonderful fun and joyous weekend meeting like minded women, great walks that are challenging for the body and soothing to the soul with some cheeky wine tasting thrown in. Kat and Caron are the quintessential hosts.

18/03/2022 Robin

Fantastic weekend ,great food ,walks and company.

18/03/2022 Deb Baxter

Great walking weekend with a great mix of walking and non walking entertainment.

18/03/2022 Lynda W

Guides, Kat & Caron were very organised with everything going to schedule. It was obvious they had researched thoroughly. There were many personal touches & their prepared meals & snacks were delicious. The trails selected and scenery were pretty spectacular as well!

18/03/2022 Leonie S


12/03/2022 Jennifer Riley

A fabulous morning, relaxed atmosphere with beautiful people; loved it!

12/03/2022 Sue R

Great way to finish the working week with AWesome group, stunning sunset and a surprise rainbow over the golden dunes.

11/03/2022 Nadene S

Lovely small group and luckily great weather!

12/03/2022 ilona Y

After a really hot day it was so refreshing to be out paddling our feet in the water. We had it all. Sunshine, rain, sunsets, rainbows, shadows, darkness and a little drink 😜 at the end.

(It was a great distance to walk - not too far in the soft sand)

11/03/2022 Kay W

Awesome adventure, we’ll looked after by guides, catering superb and overall a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, thanks!

26/02/2022 Mandy S

Awesome adventure, we’ll looked after by guides, catering superb and overall a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, thanks!

26/02/2022 Mandy S

Awesome adventure, we’ll looked after by guides, catering superb and overall a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, thanks!

26/02/2022 Mandy S


26/02/2022 VICKI BARKER

Fantastic day out

26/02/2022 Tracey A Paton

I had a wonderful time. Such a lovely location & all the women in the group were so friendly. Enjoyed the weekend immensely. I will certainly be looking out for more AW events to join :)

11/02/2022 Karen B

This was my first outing with Adventurous Women. I enjoyed it and look forward to many more.

20/02/2022 Susan M

Great day

19/02/2022 Sue

Lovely walk in the hills to watch the sunset.

20/02/2022 Nadene S

Glorious day for a sail & swim.

19/02/2022 Nadene S

Even though it was a very warm afternoon/evening, this was still a lovely walk. It was great to meet new guide Claire, and I look forward to more hikes with her. Having never walked in the dark before, I can now say I have notched up a new experience. (Thank goodness for a good headtorch).

20/02/2022 Kay W