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What a wonderful way to spend time on our beautiful Swan River and with such an amazing group 💝 My 1st time with Adventurous Women and will not be my last. Gee I enjoyed it! Thank you for the welcome 👌🤗♥️

28/11/2021 Karen M

Good company with beautiful sights and a wonderful sunset as the city lights lit up the sky as well as the blood moon. perfect night

19/11/2021 Margaret Hickey


19/11/2021 Margaret Hickey

19/11/2021 Dianne

Always an enjoyable adventure 😊

14/11/2021 Tina

29/10/2021 Janeen

I really enjoyed the walk, first walk with the group and look forward to joining in on future walks.

07/11/2021 Gloria P

Kat and Caron guided us on a great walk (Federation walk) at Main Beach on Friday giving us various historical and environmental facts about the walk. They are both fabulous women who go above and beyond to ensure we are not only safe and protected, but given every opportunity to ask questions about various things we spot along our walk! Awesome girls 💪.

05/11/2021 Colleen H

The day was cold, wet and windy such a contrast to the hot and steamy days prior to the walk. That's natures unpredictability. Due to that we saw and had unusual but amazing experience's of grey stormy skies, wild winds and turbulent oceans. Chris changed things to fit in the day as circumstance's unfolded. Chris performs well under pressure. We also got to see wallabies and Koalas.

31/10/2021 Margaret

Fantastic day trip - for a first timer on Straddie show me many of the great sites and walks - for when I return for a longer break

31/10/2021 WENDY O

The activities and walks were all very informative and easy going in a very picturesque setting. If you've got little to no experience with camping before, this is a great introduction! I've been camping heaps and this was the most relaxed, stressless and fun camping weekend away, especially being fully catered.

29/10/2021 Glennie M

Hopefully this event will be scheduled for 2022 and I am lucky enough to be part of it again. Just a wonderful adventure and it would be such a pleasure to have Lyn as our guide again. She is so passionate about her job and also the area and it’s history and was a delight to meet and spend time with. .

29/10/2021 Kaye McPhee

My very first AW adventure and I just loved everything about it… ok, maybe not the bull ants!!

29/10/2021 Donna G

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

I really enjoyed this walk. I especially liked that Jazzie made it clear we had plenty of time, so I felt comfortable seeking & taking photos of all the gorgeous wildflowers and wildlife, without feeling guilty for slowing the group down. Despite this, Jazzie made sure we finished on time, which was great.

30/10/2021 Anne B

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

Enjoyable walk out to King Island and around the mangroves at Wellington Point. Nice to discover what’s in our backyards - as always Chris was a great guide and shared information about the Island along the way which I always find interesting.

30/10/2021 Lisa

Great day with like-minded ladies. We were blessed with beautiful weather. Lunch was amazing and plentiful. Enjoyed the ride....though would've been nice to go faster!

23/10/2021 Robyn Agnello

What a fantastic day, great food, lovely people, great trip

23/10/2021 Lisa

The horse trail ride was the best I've been on. The horses are in great condition and definitely well loved by their handlers and the path was interesting.

23/10/2021 ave

Really enjoyable. I wouldn’t trust me going horse riding at my age to any other organisation that Adventurous Women WA!

23/10/2021 Gwen B

Extremely well organised event and lively and lovely group of women.

17/10/2021 Kaye McPhee

Perfect combination of hike , yoga and lunch. So well organised.

17/10/2021 Connie E

First timer and had a great time, lovely group of ladies and I look forward to many more

16/10/2021 Sarah M

It was my first hike with AW and it was awesome and very uplifting.Jazz continually checked in with us, making sure we were comfortable and informed about our trails.Time seemed to past so quickly when you walking and talking to lovely group of diverse women.

17/10/2021 Michal Naidoo

This was a lovely triple walk. Each one was easy with nice breaks in between to recover if needed. I absolutely loved the last walk and it’s wonderful cascading waterfalls. Meeting at a designated spot in midland and car pooling was a great idea. And the food that was available at the meeting spot was delicious. No need to pre pack your lunch. Yum…..

And as always Jazzy was full of information about the areas we were visiting.

17/10/2021 Kay W

Great day near Bell's rapids, having exercise and health benefits of yoga (aerial) in hammocks and a lovely bush walk by the rapids finished off by a superb lunch (as usual) fabulous day out . I felt revived

17/10/2021 Lyndall B

The aerial yoga was a lot of fun. An hour wasn’t long enough 🥰

Lunch was absolutely delicious too. 😋

17/10/2021 Petina

First timer and had a great time, lovely group of ladies and I look forward to many more

16/10/2021 Sarah M

What a great to spend a beautiful day. Beautiful scenery and great company.

16/10/2021 Annette M

Another awesome experience, still cannnot belive we took on that steep decent, scary and cool at the same time.

08/10/2021 Kylie R

Great morning walk - the weather didn’t stop us!!

15/10/2021 Julia B

A wonderful few days, adventure, fun, great hosts and ladies

08/10/2021 Di Harvey

Thoroughly enjoyed my third Adventurous Women’s tag-a-long 4wd tour love the challenges of driving through the forest and sand dunes and learning more about my car each time. Great people lots of fun and adventure with an lovely wine tour on the Sunday to complete the weekend nicely. A big thanks to AW host Sue and to Graeme and Toni of Pemberton discovery tours.

08/10/2021 Lisa B

Hiking in the Hills ...beautiful Sixty Foot Falls ... Barrington Quarry , Bickley Reservoir and Lions Lookout . Wildflowers were plentiful, weather perfect, fabulous bunch of women and AWesome guide .. Jazzy! Doesn't get any better!

09/10/2021 Alison S

Great day, but a very long one. Would have loved to had had a longer walk with BYO lunch at Point Lookout rather than lunch at the pub just because of the time it takes with that many people. Overall fabulous day . Girls always pull out the fantastic goodies for afternoon tea which is so lovely.

10/10/2021 Cass D

This was a great walk - beautiful place to walk. Betty is fantastic - there is never any pressure to try and keep up with the group and so I can walk at my own pace - with Betty keeping a close eye out.

10/10/2021 Penny

Sue was always at hand when we needed her, and the meals were great. Jazz looked after us all day, and I think I got extra attention because I was old, although I think she will agree that I managed OK. And Leonie was just an extra bonus, especially with her i-phone tips.

07/09/2021 Sheila B

A fabulous first hike with Adventurous Women!

Well-organised and with a great group of women.

02/10/2021 Fiona

Flinders Peak has been on my bucket list for a few years now and I am so glad that I have finally reached the summit. It is not an easy hike but it is challenging in that it is mostly uphill with a rocky ridge to walk along and many more rocks to climb. I loved it and would do it again. Thanks AW for hosting a great day out. As usual, your guides are welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful.

02/10/2021 Chris J

Awesome trip - all I had to do was show up on time, put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the beautiful Bibb Track - everything else was taken care of by Sue H & Sue O. Food was amazing.

25/09/2021 Nadene S

A great week, and the organisers were so attentive to our every need.

07/09/2021 Sheila Byfield

Another great trip with the fantastic two Sue's

25/09/2021 Kay A

A wonderful time.

25/09/2021 Sharon T

Our guides Jazzy and Sue O were incredible. I was particularly taken with their ability to be upbeat and personable with all the different personalities of the group from morning to night. They were consumate in their roles. Both of them had an excellent local knowledge and were able to provide constant stories and nuggets of information pertinent to where we were. My sincere congratulations to these ladies for their unwavering cheeriness and attention to detail. I was grateful for their willingness to allow me to take an early night in my room several times which meant more work for them in getting me the next days details etc. They were both very accommodating and genuinely lovely women.

28/08/2021 Rosanne Dirou

Wild, wet and windy but stunning scenery. Enjoyed the solitude of the beach walks. The scrambles over the rocky headlands and cobbled beaches. Animal tracks in the sand, birds, wombats and a seal. What an AWsome adventure. Thanks our guide Chris and Heidi from Park Trek Holidays for making this such an enjoyable trip.

15/09/2022 Annette

Amazing trek! Scenery could not be matched anywhere in the world.

12/09/2021 DEIRDRE