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Thanks Sue for a beautiful day out, stunning location starting at the Golden Grove orchard, tasting freshest mandarins straight from the tree. Lovely walk in the hills, spotting an echidna and beautiful wild flowers along the way, all with a great bunch of women!

15/08/2020 Gwyn S

Loved finding hidden and delightful spaces around suburban spaces. The walk was taken at an easy pace with stops to hear information about the locations

15/08/2020 Sue Strutt

What a wonderful way to spend a day. Finding And seeing things in our own backyard that we have not seen before. Jazzy was wonderful and had armed herself with pages and pages of interesting facts and stories about the places we were walking past. Everyone was friendly and we had a great (dry) day.

15/08/2020 Kay W


14/08/2020 Bronwyn

A great day out - the bush is beautiful in the rain. Timed our morning tea break perfectly between showers :-) Appreciated the quicker pace as the weather closed in ...

09/08/2020 Natasha H

fantastic day even with the cold and wet (got to expect it, it is winter) but this just added to the adventure.

09/08/2020 Siobhan

such a gorgeous walk along the Torrens

09/08/2020 Kathryn

had a great time learning new skills & meeting new people. Loved it

09/08/2020 Leona E

Jazzy and Sue are always amazing. They are interesting, informative and make an effort to engage with their group participants. This event, and all events I have attended with them, was very inclusive. Thank you 🙏🏻

09/08/2020 Sheri

Perfect weather for a really interesting walk around Bibra Lake. Special thanks to Jazzy for her exuberant knowledge of the history and the flora & fauna of the Lake.

08/08/2020 Kaye M

I am loving the Backyard Blitz walks, I hope they stay

08/08/2020 Yvonne G

Another lovely walk, close from the city but it felt like bush walk with surrounding beautiful lake and bird life

08/08/2020 Theresa C

Was a loving day out n nice hike have some hill n down.

Sue O make it better n fun too.

08/08/2020 Janie T

02/08/2020 Riona J

Beautiful day, gorgeous scenery and a lovely ride out. Topped off with homemade scones and soup for lunch thoughtful touches and hosted with care and warmth by Leonie thank you

02/08/2020 Tara H

A delightful way to spend our Sunday. We were blessed with the sunshine, being out in nature and sharing friendly company. Thank you Anna for sharing the photos.

02/08/2020 Sue A.

Great day! It was amazing to see such a natural environment to close to the city. It was a shame most of the birds were away that day!!

01/08/2020 Wendy R

Fantastic day out with a lovely host.

02/08/2020 Michelle h

LOVE IT 🤗🤗 my first time n never touch a horse In my life n I enjoying it so much. My 8 year old mate Pony was very good boy n handsome. I will definitely go for your next ones coming up, soon I wish 😁😁.

I think it will be my next hobby n thanks to AW have put this on n thanks Sue O for a loving yummy lunch as well.

02/08/2020 Janie T

The Hahndorf Trail Ride and lunch was a wonderful day out.

02/08/2020 Amanda Bettesworth

Well organised good value for money an overall great experience

02/08/2020 Leanne T

Thank for a beautiful day for the warm welcome .Enjoyed every minute of the trail ride ,the gorgeous horse and friendly staff. I didn't know anyone except Leonie and doing things like this is hard for me; but everyone was accommodating and friendly which made me at ease . The scones the lovely lunch and the chance to do something have not done for 35 years or so was fantastic. Thankyou AW

02/08/2020 Chereen Archer

I love our event! It was wonderful! Thank you,guys!👍🏻

01/08/2020 Olga T

01/08/2020 Sonja Barbato

Thanks to Jazzy for being a great host. She provided us with an absolutely wonderful surprise os a delicious extra snack and cup of tea. Also it is, as always, lovely to meet a new group of lovely ladies.

01/08/2020 Vicki H

Relaxed, enjoyable walk in wetland, wild life and settlers cottage

01/08/2020 Theresa C

Really enjoyed this walk, discovering a very scenic part of Perth hills I hadn't explored before with a great group of women.

18/07/2020 Alison J

26/07/2020 Pauline D

Trial ride in the bush which I found peaceful and relaxing, enjoying the moment and the lunch was amazing

26/07/2020 Pauline D

Fantastic day with fabulous people. I would do it again :-)

26/07/2020 Yvonne G

Good easy/long flat trail 15k n is loving view up. I enjoying this hike with Jazzy she is fun guide😆😁Thanks.

26/07/2020 Janie

I learnt a lot from Jazzy about the fauna. The climb was fairly gentle so it was a comfortable and very

scenic walk. 10/10! Thank you!

26/07/2020 Averil Cosh

Great day out hiking. Thanks to Jazzy for the information gems - including the one about the 28s!

26/07/2020 Jenny L

Great walk with excellent views over the city. Jazzy made sure we were all having a great time and our morning tea was delicious!

26/07/2020 Tracey-ann D

Great Adventure on scenic walk, wish could bottle the experience. Beautiful scenery, lovely company and great tour guide.

19/07/2020 Natalie

Lovely day out walking and chatting

25/07/2020 Sarah

Wildflowers and waterfalls hike. Being brand new to hiking this was very challenging for me, especially the uphill stretches, but I am so so glad I did it. The ladies were so wonderful and helped me all the way - that's what I love about AW. I learned so much and can't wait for the next one. Yes it was physically and mentally challenging but I couldn't be happier I did it! And the homemade gingerbread for morning tea was scrumptious!

25/07/2020 Dinali D

it was beautiful weather with very pleasant hiking

25/07/2020 Theresa C

What a fabulous area to explore. Enjoyed the walk, even the challenging steep hill!

18/07/2020 Grace P

19/07/2020 Bev E

What started out to look like the day was going VERY wet with a very soggy walk, turned into only mild occasional showers with sunshine along the way and a brilliant and pretty dry walk.

So much to take in in this hidden part of Perth and an area that is virtually in my backyard and places that I have driven past many times but not stopped to have a look-see.

The group was a good mix of women of different ages and backgrounds and everyone fitted in well with each other.

Great idea of AW to do walks in these hidden 'backyards' of Perth

Well done Jazzy and thanks for making the day so enjoyable...

and those Wood Ducks were something else hey!!!!....

17/07/2020 Megan P

Fabulous day ! Informative, fun, and a tad challenging but soooo good that there is no competition and one can go at their own pace!

18/07/2020 Alison S

No always a great time with Adventurous Women

19/07/2020 Julie

I really enjoyed the day, thanks very much for offering this fun and unusual activity.The photos show how much everyone appreciated it! Our guide Sue O was lovely, Meg the instructor was terrific and helpful. I enjoyed meeting the other participants, food was really nice and the walk afterwards was energizing, in a beautiful environment I had not been to before. A small feedback is that I actually enjoyed that we just got straight into the activity this time without the going around to say something about ourselves intriductions that we have done sometimes on the previous activities because half the time , we forget each other's names anyway. We still had time to meet one another and talk in a more relaxed way throughout the event. I appreciate that our guide told us about the longer walk that we could do after the event as I had time to do that and thoroughly enjoyed ut.

19/07/2020 Sue A

19/07/2020 Gwen B

Loved it.

18/07/2020 Dawn Wooods

Perfectly planned, lovely guides who were very inclusive, easy meeting place, lots of fun with delightful ladies, with opportunity of delicious 😋 social time afterwards 🤩

19/07/2020 Lisa Thompson

This is a lovely walk in tranquil bush surrounds with views of Perth too. Just in the hills of Perth.

18/07/2020 Gina D