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This was brilliant. The people were great, the food was delicious, the pace was just right. The guides told historical tales, had a knowledge of Aboriginal history and explained environmental surroundings and jokes - all fascinating and funny. People had time to themselves to ponder about life and also had time to talk to others whilst walking, so it was a nice combination.

01/05/2016 Andrea M

I really enjoyed the walk, while it was challenging we always had the guides and the group there to support us. The description of the environment as we walked through various terrain was very educating. I feel I know more about Margaret River than my own region. I was lucky to be with a group that really jellied and I think that made a difference. I have already recommended the walk to others.

01/05/2016 Janine Ramsay

I was not disappointed for my first trip with AW and all my expectations were met from start to finish. I would be happy to recommend the tour company and AW to other people.

01/05/2016 Tanya W



Great trip, no complaints

28/05/2016 Robyn

Fantastic trip enjoyed every minute, Helen was wonderful and the staff and the guide on the barge fantastic.

28/05/2016 Susan Hall

A wonderful trip. A very good pace, many and varied activities set for all levels of fitness.

05/06/2016 Gay

I thought the tour was very well run and very laid back even though we seemed to be doing quite a lot. This made the tour feel quite relaxing and stress free.

05/06/2016 Jenny Llewelyn

Loved the trip,no complaints

24/06/2016 Sue Davies

This was a first for me with the Adventurous Women group and I loved it. My daughter & I want to be on the list for next year for this tour.

24/06/2016 Terri Ann Lucas

Excellent few days away. Annette is a great AW representative and organised everything so well. When I injured my ankle, Netty was very supportive and I was well taken care of.

16/04/2016 Jenny Llewelyn

Amazing. The care that oozes out of you and Sue was amazing. The way that you allowed everyone to go on their own journey was very important to us all. The parts of the track where we travelled gave a great overview of a very large area.

18/04/2016 Beryl Hedger

I had a wonderful time with a great group of interesting and positive women. The trip was extremely well organised with the perfect ratio of adventure and comfort. Thanks so much to the AW team. Will definitely be back.

18/04/2016 Chris V

Thoroughly enjoyed the few days. Company and food was great. Enjoyed the snorkling and enjoyed Cape Hillsborough. Looking forward to my Fiji trip in June

16/04/2016 Dale M

I thoroughly enjoyed my time away with the AW Team. Everything was organised perfectly. Sue H is a very responsible and experienced driver and i felt safe and secure driving around the South West chatting and laughing with all the other women in the bus. The food was scrumptious with plenty of healthy choices. Our guide, Sue O was very professional and considerate ensuring we were all comfortable with the pace of our walks. The tour was fun and interesting and walking through many different types of terrain was a delight! Thank you Sue H, Sue O and Brad for all your efforts to ensure we had a fabulous time!

18/04/2016 Deb W

I loved the tarkine. The scenery was beautiful. Well organized.

16/03/2016 Sharon M

love every minute of the trek and bike ride. Jazie was an awesome lady to trek with. very helpful and caring made the trek in so many ways.

06/03/2016 TINA P

Although physically and mentally challenging (to me), this adventure was definitely exhilarating. Nature (and weather) are your friend and opponent. Without the (one day of) rain, the waterfalls rack on Milford track would not have been so powerful and luxuriant. Contrasting with warm days, especially two days on the Otago cycle track where there was little shade, followed by cold headwinds the next day, but overall the weather was better than anticipated. All accomodation was warm and clean, we had lovely hearty food at most stops. The camaraderie in the evenings, and various extras such as the cruise on Milford Sound and Vintage Rail Carriage ride to Dunedin added to the experience.

06/03/2016 Janice M

It was a great trip - the walk and the bike sections balanced really well. Jazzie was the perfect coordinator and was always friendly and cheerful with everyone. She went out of her way at the end of the trip to make sure everyone got to the airport and to places of interest. I enjoyed her company alot and especially appreciated her sharing her beautiful mother with us all.

06/03/2016 Deborah John

10/10. A perfect blend of adventure and comfort to maximise enjoyment of the experience.

18/04/2016 Natarla K

Adventurous Women is a wonderful way to meet other women wanting to explore and to take challenges. Long time friendships are create through this group. I would and have recommended AW to other women.

18/04/2016 Jannene Hardie

Lovely relaxed weekend. Well organised. With A lovely bunch of girls

27/02/2016 Gemma

A great weekend. Well organised and fun

27/02/2016 rhonda.tape

Extremely well organized.  Having Steve as a driver, cook, tour guide made the trip, his easy going personality  made the tour run smoothly; he went over and aboard his bus driver duties in ensuring everyone was happy.

10/10 The 'gerls' on the trip where ALL fantastic. Really are special group of women , whom I am proud to be associated with. It was wonderful how well everyone got along. All the 'gerls' very supportive, and caring of one another. Wouldn't hesitate touring with the same 'gerls' again.

10/10 Affordability; great value for money. The itinery couldn't have been better, excellent sights, excellent over-night stops. Length of tour perfect. Nothing was ever rushed.

10/10 The relaxed, easy going tour was a perfect holiday; no pressure, everyone understanding each other's needs.

10/10 A few of things though that could be looked at;.. Our first night in Adelaide; perhaps a venue for dinner could be pre-arranged, agreed on and booked prior to arrival. Much easy for weary travellers. A detailed map as to how to get to hostel for those taking the bus; number of bus stop; then actual map of where to go then.

Our splendid driver ; a thank you gift was lacking, still feel he ought have a 'thank you; gift; he wasn't the average 'gruff' driver. We all appreciate a token of thanks at times. As for myself; big draw back was my health. It held me back in fully participating. I was very aware that I wasn't fully there. None-the-less I was very happy. I am now back to full health, and after two years, the Velta I know is back.

The trip was excellent; very fortunate to have experienced such a great experience with remarkable 'gerls'.        

07/10/2011 Velta F

Bibbulmun Track Weekender Donnelly River Region

Trip was brilliant. So well organised and a load of fun with a great bunch of ladies. Enjoyed it immensely. Its a tick off my bucket list. Thanks

26/06/2015 DONELLE C

This was a five star getaway experience. Well organised, great food, interesting bush walk with lots of fauna and flora to explore, lively company with other adventurous women topped off with Annette as out tour guide and caterer extraordinaire!

29/01/2016 Bev L

Annette did a lovely job of looking after us - gently guiding us through. Lovely food. Thanks.

29/01/2016 Annette H

My first time with AW and was a great experience. Loved every part of it!

19/02/2016 Kathy W

It was a great weekend, being active and meeting new people. The accomodation was spacious and in a great location. The food over the weekend was as amazing as usual and everything was organised well. I had a brilliant time.

19/02/2016 Amanda D

A very well put together weekend with the right amount of activities and free time. Sue, as usual a superb host and Dirty Detours again a fantastic company. SUP and kayak were great even if I did get a bit too adventurous and have to get rescued! Accommodation suited our purposes well. A great bunch of inspiring women to get to know.

19/02/2016 Michelle Smith

Excellent weekend really enjoyed the mountain biking

03/10/2015 Mandy D-NW

A huge thanks you for a wonderful day. It lived up to and exceeded the wrap on your website - adventure and the opportunity to meet women from different walks of life in a safe and supporting environment. Thoroughly worth the drive from Kalgoorlie.

It definitely won't be the last that you see of me! As you have probably guessed, I fell in love with (safe) abseiling and am impressed by the ethos of Adventurous Women.

31/10/2015 Annette R

Christmas in July Weekender

Fantastic weekend,great food,great company,lots of laughter amazing group of girls

17/07/2015 Denise A

Christmas in July Weekender

fabulous organised and fun weekend food superb and games, music even weather!

17/07/2015 Lyndall

Christmas in July Weekender

A fantastic weekend away with new and old friends. My first Christmas in July and it definitely has set the standard. The Christmas dinner was delicious and the company brilliant.

17/07/2015 Amanda D

Christmas in July Weekender

Was fantastic to spend time with wonderful women. The venue was great and it allowed individuals to do what ever they wanted without any pressure.

17/07/2015 Debbie B

Christmas in July Weekender

Always appropriately organised for all types of adventurous women

17/07/2015 Janice M

I had a wonderful time with a lovely group of ladies.

13/04/2015 Terri E

This is a fantastic trip, very inspiring with beautiful scenery the whole way. Sue O was amazing with her insight on attractions etc. The accommodation was first class and the food was totally amazing with 3 courses every night. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone considering doing the Camino.

13/04/2015 Rosanna F

`Had a wonderful weekend away, getting to enjoy the beauty of nature, that gets the senses activated. Fresh coastal air, stunning wild flowers, the sound of the ocean and rugged coastline. A lovely group of women as always, with tasty meals, and dessert. Accomodation in a great location. Biking with experienced guides in the national park as the backdrop, just adds to the adventure.

03/10/2015 GWYNETH S

Had a great time, wanted to do this last year but had to work instead so was glad I was able to attend this time. I loved going to the gorges, after hiking/walking along and finding a beautiful oasis with a well earned swim, could have stayed all day in those places.

17/10/2015 Donna

I loved it you guys,I was very nervous and anxious,first trip on my own,being older etc. You two just put me at ease with your friendly approach and your professionalism.Nothing was to much for you to enable everyone no matter what their fitness to get the most from their trip. You have given me the confidence to travel more,and the food was great 😍😍😍

17/10/2015 Sue D

Excellent as usual

17/10/2015 Diana N

Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Such a great group of positive women. Fabulous adventures/trekking and food. Thank you Sue and Sue

17/10/2015 Alexis Nordine

This was my first experience with AW so I wasnt really sure what to expect. I was blown away by the organisation of the trip. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive. A wonderful experience. I look forward to more adventures in the future.

17/10/2015 Virginia Gowan

It was an delightful trip. The company was great, Harry the driver was excellent and his patience and local knowledge made the trip that much better. Sue H and Sue O worked very hard to ensure that everyone was well looked after, our needs were met, and the food was excellent. The scenery was stunning.

17/10/2015 Jenny M

As usual a wonderful weekend away with Sue and the girls. We are always treated in style and are guaranteed lots of laughs and adventure. A great way to meet new people, share experiences and see new things.

12/09/2015 Anne Smith

The organisation was excellent. I thought Sue was a great leader and did a wonderful job with looking after us all.

28/07/2015 Carol Mill