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This weekend was so much fun & adventure all the way.

Jetbo was my first time & I love it. So much fun & I did not have time for sea sick :). Sue O made the day so much fun

20/03/2021 Janie T

Another lovely experience with AW, supportive, friendly company with a delicious lunch provided.

20/03/2021 Sue A.

It was a fantastic walk, beautiful scenery and lots of laughs. It was a great day.

20/03/2021 Karyn T

Well organized, informative walk. Amazing vegetation along the Tanglewood track with beautiful natives and lots of bird life. It's a lot less busy track

The coastal walk was busy even though it was a cloudy day but we still had beautiful views over the coastline. At the end of the walk we had a quick dip to cool off. The currents were strong but the local life savers kept a keen eye on us. It was a really enjoyable walk and fun day.

20/03/2021 Margaret Hickey

what an absolute hoot of a weekend, fantastic 4WD experience

12/03/2021 Denise Andrews

A great weekend with lovely people and lots of challenging 4wd adventures

12/03/2021 Lisa B

Brillant weekend full of challenges, laughs, yummy food, divine scenery and I just loved it.

12/03/2021 Kylie R

It was a nice day and good fun. Would have been good to get some action shots of the lesson though
AW: You're totally right and that was missed - sorry :(

14/03/2021 KH

Was a lovely afternoon with lots of laughter

27/02/2021 Prue

Fabulous day, great group of girls, amazing food. Had lots of laughs and met some amazing women who proved they were all adventurous.

06/03/2021 Cindy L

A wonderful weekend: friendly facilitators, lovely venue, yummy food and great events. I felt comfortable and included. The highlights for me were: High Tea, Chi Ball Yoga, Sound Journey meditation and the friendly women in attendance.

05/03/2021 Deb A

WOW a beautiful relaxing weekend with great yoga and meditation sessions (thank you Bettina), delicious meals throughout (thank you Sue) and ending on a beautiful sound healing session by Nicole. The experience was made all the more special with the beautiful group of ladies we shared it with, can’t wait for the next weekend retreat 😊

05/03/2021 Miranda

Loved it

05/03/2021 Deb A

Lovely weekend , filled with fun and laughter

05/03/2021 Bronwyn Williams

I had a great day with lovely women. Sue is amazing so much encouragement and energy. Lunch was delicious

06/03/2021 Bev

An absolutely challenging day!

Thrills & spills with other women who were as scared as me but we all got it done!

The delicious lunch provided by Mr AW was devoured with gusto - it is a good reason to do AW events

06/03/2021 Kerry E

So much fun!!! I totally loved this adventure. I felt challenged and supported, scared but also safe. Great to push myself outside my comfort zone. Thanks

06/03/2021 Sharon

Fabulous evening spent with a great group of ladies, thanks for showing us Black Hill Betty!

26/02/2021 Heather T

27/02/2021 Judy Dymond

27/02/2021 Yvonne Greig

A perfect day out to escape from the everyday; a great mix of relaxation and trying new things!

20/02/2021 Natasha H

I can highly recommend this adventure! Neville and Belle made us feel very welcome on the amazing catamaran. And as always, Sue O was the best and most thoughtful guide. I would definitely do this again!

20/02/2021 Sheri H

Great day out! Well organised and got to see stunning waterfalls!

It was easy to find the meet up spot and have easy access to public transport.

07/02/2021 Vivian H

The best afternoon I've had in a while, couldn't think of a better, more fun, inclusive, invigorating & after ... relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Special thanks to our Organisers for the wonderful afternoon T & catch up - really hit the spot :).

I'm becoming a Member & looking forward to more Adventures with like minded, amazing women.

31/01/2021 Lianne Quin