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My first overnight hike, with no hike experience before was made so easy with Adventurous Women. A great bunch of women and so helpful with advice and nice to share the same interests. Sue O is a great guide!

13/06/2020 Tamara Thompson

Jazzy made this day so much fun, she was also very informative and professional.

14/06/2020 Fiona

Loved this beautiful bush walk.. Jazzy & Anna the perfect guides.. great length walk for me 👍

13/06/2020 Bev Vaughan

Throughly enjoyed hiking the Fairyland loop trail and meeting awesome women. Once again a great experience for me with tour guide Deb. Looking forward to the next one.

14/06/2020 Pauline Hedman

Lots of fun, lovely walk guided by the very friendly Deb, and great ladies I hope to see again.

14/06/2020 Melinda

Great walk, good views at the top. Grazing kangaroos, koala and lots of birds. I really enjoyed my walk.

06/06/2020 Irene Miller

As always, another delightful AW walk. Well organised; great to see Anna & Jazzy again. Interesting, friendly, like-minded Ladies...renewing friendships; meeting 'newbies'.

13/06/2020 Kaye M

it was great walk with good company

13/06/2020 Theresa C

What a wonderful experience this event turned out to be, even with the rain! First learning how to use a compass, then discovering how to use this new skill for reading a map and then navigating around a course within Whiteman Park. It was actually quite difficult lol, but also heaps of fun!. Morning tea, as always, was a real treat - thank you Brad! Our guides for the day, Jazzy & Sue O, were great teachers and lots of fun. Thanks so much Adventurous Women!

31/05/2020 Kim R

Always enjoy exploring new places with AW. This was a secret gem that did not disappoint.

11/06/2020 Kylie R

lovely to get out and meet other people who enjoy the outdoors

06/06/2020 Betty A

Absolutely loved it! Honestly, a near-spiritual experience for me. Healing and rejuvenation of the body, soul and mind. Our guide, Sue was absolutely lovely and so good to meet new people and share the experience. Definitely going again.

07/06/2020 Dinali David

A wonderful hike through beautiful Chambers Gully. Loved how everyone was supportive and very friendly

06/06/2020 Jo-Anne Hoff

A glorious day for a walk with a knowledgeable guide in a beautiful part of the hills with a lovely group of ladies.

07/06/2020 Karina

An easy introductory hike as advertised. Sue O was a great fun team leader who kept the bunch together and was very knowledgeable on all things flora and fauna along the trek.

07/06/2020 Kay K

It was a really fun experience with good company. Challenging yet very achievable.

06/06/2020 Sheri H

I had a brilliant day! The instructors were friendly, professional and extremely informative. You could tell they are passionate about what they do. I learned a lot of new skills and met some really lovely ladies in a supportive and inclusive environment. What a great way to begin my journey with Adventurous Women.

31/05/2020 Rachel C

A great day out combining theory and practical exercise in navigating by compass and map. The instructors had a very good way of teaching us the needed. It all felt very easy and straight forward.

31/05/2020 Tina

I have great day with orienteering and yummy morning tea

31/05/2020 Theresa Cavanagh

Great fun, very prepared and patient.

31/05/2020 J

My first outing with Adventurous Women and I loved it. Sue O and Jazzy were just lovely and we had a great bunch of women come along. Learnt a lot about map reading and using a compass but highlight was definitely the ginger cake and wattleseed biscuits ❤

31/05/2020 Jodie Phillips

31/05/2020 Sue

Anna was a great guide. Very scenic circuit and was good to enjoy a casual ride with friendly women.

30/05/2020 Sue Capriotti

Lovely day out. Beautiful bushland, rock formations and views. Easy but long walk.

Wonderful morning tea as usual - with great emphasis here on the biscuits 👍👍

30/05/2020 Kay

Thanks for a not too exuberant bike ride.

30/05/2020 Averil Cosh

A wonderful hike, perfect weather, nice company & of course a great leader!

16/05/2020 Paula

Loved the weekend haven’t been kayaking before, was challenging but enjoyable. Beautiful on the river & a great group of women. Leonie was a terrific instructor & thanks to Leonie for giving us a tow over the estuary. Thank to Anna for organising all the food which was delicious, the chocolate brownies were so good! Accommodation was nice.

14/03/2020 Jillian H

Thanks for a great weekend of kayaking. Plus a lovely group of ladies and yummy food 👍🏻😊


14/03/2020 Susan

Fantastic weekend. I had to opt out of the Sunday paddle due to being a bit sore but loved the Saturday.

14/03/2020 Fay Stewart

We had a lovely walk, all friendly happy ladies … very inclusive feel to the experience

14/03/2020 Deb

My first overnight AW trip very enjoyable weekend with a welcoming friendly group. Well organised, lovely accomodation, beautiful food and the paddling was great such a beautiful area. A big thank you to Anna and Leonie for hosting this event great instruction and help for a first time paddler.

14/03/2020 Lisa

A beautiful morning, welcoming group, informative, relaxing pace and terrific picnic! Leonie is a gem :-)

29/02/2020 Heather T

Great trip and paddle was just right for those new and experienced

29/02/2020 Sue obrien

Fabulous day padding around Garden Island area with a great bunch of ladies. Bonus seeing so many dolphins playing around inthe water.

29/02/2020 Betty A

What a fabulous experience. Wonderful company, knowledgeable guides, perfect location, fantastic food (and bubbly). This was the BEST start to a weekend ever!

29/02/2020 Amanda T

29/02/2020 Lisa Ormenyessy

Great day out with the girls and Captain, snorkling at Parker Point Rotto. Mask and snorkel on, we got into the not cold water under the watchful eyes of Mel. Big snappers, damsels and the rest, then the huge Sea Lion came to play. Such a beauty, playing closely and laying on his back checking us all out with his big eyes. ❤ then next stop the shipwreck for a look. Barrby lunch on board and a wander through on the the Island. Gotta love Rotto. Thanks AW!

23/02/2020 Brenda Mann

As always, another great AW event. Renewing friendships and meeting new AW participants. Good to be out and about with interesting, like-minded women. Thanks to Anna.

15/02/2020 Kaye M.

This was my first event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and company of walking and getting to know some of the members. Thank you for organising. It motivated me to get out of the house early this morning which I would not otherwise have done!

15/02/2020 Sue A.

This was my first event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and company of walking and getting to know some of the members. Thank you for organising. It motivated me to get out of the house early this morning which I would not otherwise have done!

15/02/2020 Sue A.

09/02/2020 Dawn W

Another great adventure with Sue O, Parktrek and a fabulous group of girls. I particularly loved the accommodation in Corinna, the opportunity to kayak on the Pieman River searching for platypus and the challenge of the hikes around Cradle Mountain. All aspects of the tour was excellent including the food, organization, guides and accommodation ... and we were blessed with perfect weather. Fortunately we saw wombats and an echidna close up but sadly no platypus. Soooo much fun and camaraderie with my fellow travelers. I can highly recommend combining the two hikes, Bay of Fires and Tarkine and Cradle Mountain.

16/01/2020 Lynn M

The Tarkine and Cradle Mtn highlights was fantastic! So serene and tranquil. . From rainforest to beach to kayaking on a pristine river to rough mountains. Great flora and the wonderful Australian animals. Accommodation exceeded my expectations and food was plentiful! Wow!

16/01/2020 Gina D

This was my first AW tour and it was a great experience! The friendliness was wonderful and the knowledge and passion for the area was fantastic. I can see I'll be going on more!

11/01/2020 Gina D

Wonderful morning out on the water with a great bunch of women from Qld. So lucky with the weather after the torrential rain we had previous day. Biggest group I have seen so far. Thanks Chris.

19/01/2020 Cathy B

11/01/2020 Meredith Hinchliffe

Four days to drop off the grid to meander along one of the most pristine coastlines in the world. A varied 50kms of long sandy beaches, small coves, rock hopping, and lagoons. The farm stay at ICENA was lots of fun and the food was fabulous...Big shout out to Alisha from Park trek, Sue O (AW) and the amazing 2020 BOF crew...I loved every minute.

11/01/2020 Lyndall Griffiths

Loved this walk. Would highly recommend.

11/01/2020 Dianne S