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11/01/2020 Meredith Hinchliffe

Four days to drop off the grid to meander along one of the most pristine coastlines in the world. A varied 50kms of long sandy beaches, small coves, rock hopping, and lagoons. The farm stay at ICENA was lots of fun and the food was fabulous...Big shout out to Alisha from Park trek, Sue O (AW) and the amazing 2020 BOF crew...I loved every minute.

11/01/2020 Lyndall Griffiths

Loved this walk. Would highly recommend.

11/01/2020 Dianne S

Another AWesome adventure with AW. A great group of like minded women, the hike had a range of experiences from beach sand, to walking on shells, boulders, rocks and in water and even a swim in the ‘refreshing’ ocean. The food and accommodation was excellent. Alisha, our Parktrek guide, was next level with a deep of knowledge and experience in so many areas. Sue O, as always was AWEsome. Highly recommend the tour.

11/01/2020 Lynn M


24/11/2019 kokonut




Heartfelt thanks to Sue and Bettina for their hard work; cooking, dishes, yoga, constant supply of food and drinks, enthusiasm, generosity and kindness. I think I feel the benefits of the nourishing quietness and focus on the body and mind more now, than on the weekend.

08/11/2019 Sharon M

An unforgettable experience and an adventure that was so rewarding and humbling. Sue does an amazing job putting these tours together for women who want to get out of their comfort zones and are prepared to go with the flow! It was a privilege to be a part of this fun, diverse group of women.

09/10/2019 Lorraine C

Fantastic weekend! Loved it all - so relaxing and renewing.

08/11/2019 Janice

Hello Sue

I can’t thank you and Bettina enough for a perfect weekend .

Your graciousness and warm care along with an amazingly well organised retreat was perfect! Awesome company, tasty food and Bettina’s deft touch were a great combination.

Thank you ! I’ll be back!

08/11/2019 Kate A

Sue and Bettina are a team made in heaven with Brad ensuring we are all sustained and on track. Thank goodness they got together so that we may enjoy a retreat such as this. I appreciate the hard work it takes and I know so many ladies who would benefit greatly from attending this retreat.

08/11/2019 Lynn Verster

Great Retreat

08/11/2019 Susan

Sue and Bettina worked so hard to make sure we had a wonderful weekend full of experiences and great food in a beautiful setting. Fabulous!

08/11/2019 Tracey Delves

Loved the mixture of experiences and people. We were both shared experiences and had down time to relax and allow it all to sink in. My 2nd time going with the group to Dwellingup & just as much fun as before - thanks to Sue, Bettina & Brad

08/11/2019 Lyn L

Had a great weekend. Very well organised. Thanks to Sue, Bettina & Brad. Lovely food 👌

08/11/2019 Deb A

An adventure beyond expectation😁

09/10/2019 Leanne T

Another fabulous trip with Adventurous Women and Inspiration Outdoors. The journey was made enjoyable with the extra touches and care from Sarah and Sue O to ensure we had a safe and relaxing time.

26/10/2019 Lauren R

Absolutely wonderful! Wonderful group of people and fantastic assortment of activities. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

03/11/2019 Sasha P

A lovely afternoon

03/11/2019 Laura Jones

After being so apprehensive about whether I could achieve a multi-day hike I enjoyed every minute because of the expert guiding and fun atmosphere.

26/10/2019 Vern

This was the most incredible, well planned and executed tour! The AW organisers and guides have this trip nailed. Attention to everyone's needs, along with addressing opportunities encountered along the way were met in the most meticulous and balanced way. I rave about AW wherever I go because the care they show to all women looking for fun, adventure and challenge is exemplary.

26/10/2019 Tess_WestAust

A well organised and very enjoyable if challenging week.

26/10/2019 Andreana G

26/10/2019 Jodie

Adventurous and safe at the same time! Lots of fun and sense of freedom, beginning with lunch and getting to know each other, then on the trail ride, and through to the conclusion over scones and cream.

13/10/2019 Geraldine H

Great weekend

19/10/2019 Judy

09/10/2019 Janice L

Appreciated the trail devised by the guides. The figure of eight showed us wildflowers and views we wouldn’t have seen just walking by the falls

06/10/2019 Nola


19/10/2019 Cheryl

Another first for me. Kayaking in Brisbane River and with great company.

19/10/2019 Lyn Adams

An absolutely wonderful time. A great adventure. The canoeing distance was perfect, we had great stops for lunch and a floating morning tea. Everything was so well organised. Thank you Anna and Leonie. Thank you for the superb food Brad. It was good to canoe with such a friendly group of women. I feel exhilarated and feel like I’ve been away for a week, not two days!

19/10/2019 Clare W

What a great way to spend a weekend! A big thank you to Leonie, for your wonderful guiding as we paddled along the Murray River, Anna, for your food preparation and support and Brad, for the excellent food over the two days. It was great to meet another group of AW - thank you everyone.

19/10/2019 Lynn M

19/10/2019 Janie Teer

Absolutely wonderful weekend. Leonie and Anna were such generous guides/hosts and looked after us with a great itinerary of paddling and fabulous food. Met some lovely ladies with lots of different life stories.

19/10/2019 Sharon McLaren

This was my third trip with you guys and once again I wasn't disappointed. So impressed with everything.

19/10/2019 Tracy W

A walk to lift your heart!! Walking the Camino was an amazing experience - I loved, loved, loved it, waking up each morning wondering what will we do and see today?. If you like to walk you'll love this trip

22/09/2019 Michele Williams

Great venue, lovely opportunity to meet people and enjoy a kayak

19/10/2019 Rhonda S

19/10/2019 Bronwyn

I had the best time, accommodation was great as well as the food. The scenery was magnificent and I loved how the trees created a canopy over the Camino walk in many locations throughout. The Camino was difficult for me at times but oh so rewarding to complete it!

22/09/2019 Teresa F

Great day out as always. Maz was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide who ensured we all had a great day out.

12/10/2019 Lauren

Fantastic day out with great team and Maz

12/10/2019 Patsy

Thank you Maz and AW this was my first hike with AW what a lovely group of ladies. I will join you all again.

12/10/2019 Kelly

Waterfalls and Wildflowers was my first event and it was a lovely day out with a wonderful group of ladies!

06/10/2019 Lorraine H

Great hike, ladies were very friendly and answered all questions well

06/10/2019 Jan B

Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday

06/10/2019 Tracie

Well another great day out with a beautiful bunch of ladies on our Wildflowers and Waterfalls walk at Lesmurdie Falls. The wildflowers didn't disappoint and there was plenty of water flowing at the Falls. Once again yummy morning tea with the food being cooked by Brad. Anna and Jazzy great guides and very informative. I personally found the grade 5 section of the walk challenging but a lot of the ladies are a lot fitter than me. I was quite proud of myself seeing this was only my second hike and next time will be easier still as I build up my fitness level. Congratulations to the girls that were first timers you all did so well. Always receive great encouragement from the more experienced girls and everyone keeps their own pace. Nearly a 10km hike and not all on the usual tracks so there was quite a bit of time without seeing other walkers. Very good that we have such a great walk so close to suburbia.Congratulations and thanks again to Adventurous Women for organizing the day.

06/10/2019 Frances Bascombe

Absolutely enjoyed the day and loved the fact we had ample time to photograph and admire the beautiful wildflowers. Always wonderful to meet new people and the morning tea was delicious. Thank you for our wonderful guides.

06/10/2019 Pauline D

Great day

06/10/2019 Monica B

Great mix of hiking, site seeing in a very picturesque environment. Our guides were great, very good meals, comfortable accommodation, really enjoyed the trip.

26/09/2019 Jenny G