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11/07/2020 Jo

11/07/2020 Vicki Jones

11/07/2020 Sigrid

It was a really good time, I learnt a lot and laughed a lot! Thank you!

11/07/2020 Rowena S

I really enjoyed the aerial yoga as it was wonderful that you can be a beginner and anyone can do it. It was so much fun and found great achieving it. I wished it went for longer.

09/07/2020 Joya

Love, love, loved the aerial yoga. The hike was good and the leader is always amazing (fun, informative, supportive, friendly etc. etc.!

09/07/2020 Andrea B

Lots of fun. Meg instructed us through some tricky moves but it was not difficult at all. I felt very supported.

09/07/2020 Sheri

09/07/2020 Kylie R

Good and walk was divine,

09/07/2020 Kylie R

Great day out. It was a great mix of three events. Aerial Yoga Was great fun (even for a novice like me).

Good lunch. Lovely walk to finish the day.

09/07/2020 Kay W

My first outing with AW and it was a pleasant experience however it was advertised as a small group of 12 I think and I was surprised when on arrival there were in fact two groups with two guides supposedly separate but actually we all walked together so wasn’t really a small group as advertised . On this occasion it was fine but It make me wonder if that happens frequently?

04/07/2020 Alison J

Loved it! Great group and guide, well paced walk through a well planned route. Thank you Jazzy!

04/07/2020 JIll W

Great bunch of ladies as usual. Gorgeous guides and beaut scenery.

05/07/2020 Kylie R

Another great AW excursion around our beautiful city and banks of the Swan River, well-led by the dynamic duo Jazzy and Sue O. Saw lots of interesting features and enjoyed the company of friendly co-walkers. 19km sounds long but was definitely doable.

05/07/2020 Wendy M

04/07/2020 Yvonne

Wonderful day out. Relaxed pace. Plenty of time to look around. Lots of breaks. HEAPS to see.

Lovely ending with a celebratory drink at the Guildford Hotel at the end. Great Day 🎉🎉

05/07/2020 Kay W

Great walk and location. Weather was perfect and nice group of ladies to chat with.

28/06/2020 Betty A

Fantastic walk with a lovely group and Leonie was so informative, kind and ensured we all had a great time. I was especially appreciative of her help and consideration. My first SA adventurous women outing and I was so pleased to find a warm welcome and amazing afternoon

28/06/2020 Tara H

Lovely late afternoon walk, amazing views for enjoying Chris' delicious mulled cider.

20/06/2020 Rhonda Stubbins

We enjoyed an easy hike on Mt Coot-tha's new Spotted Gum 2.4km track on the way down with more of an uphill challenge on the way back up to the Summit. The group of like minded women was really friendly made for a pleasant outing. Chris is a really nice host.

20/06/2020 Chris J

Such good fun. Endless laughs, loving meeting new faces and lovely to see some familiar ones too.

20/06/2020 Kylie R

Another fun weekend spent exploring our own backyard

20/06/2020 Renee M

Such a lovely walk with very kind and friendly people and a great host in Leonie.

06/06/2020 Claire M

Always an adventure and everyone learnt at least one new thing for next time

13/06/2020 Renee

Great experience for beginners through to experienced hikers. Plenty of information prior to the hike with emails, a packing list & an information session. Sue O is very welcoming, knowledgeable and encouraging on the track. Sue’s positive vibe and encouragement has given me more confidence to give solo overnight hiking a go. Thanks Adventurous Women for letting me join your tribe.

13/06/2020 Hayley W

I loved the organisation of the weekend, the knowledge of our leader and being in the bush without distraction. Sue O was so knowledgeable and I learnt so much from the experience. The group of ladies on the weekend where great and everyone just slotted in together. However carrying a big pack took my ability to look around and absorb the sights visually as I was so concerned with looking where I was walking so I didn't fall over and hurt myself. I think maybe I'm more of a day pack kinda girl.

13/06/2020 Leah N

A very nice walk through coastal bushland, glistening after the early morning rain. Great views over the surrounding area after a short climb were enjoyed with the lovely morning tea/ coffee. Good that Jazzy shared relevant details about the marked decline in water levels in this iconic Perth place which is the sad reality of changed environment. I was interested to learn about the history of the swimming pool. I enjoyed the company of friendly fellow walkers.

14/06/2020 Sue A

My first overnight hike, with no hike experience before was made so easy with Adventurous Women. A great bunch of women and so helpful with advice and nice to share the same interests. Sue O is a great guide!

13/06/2020 Tamara Thompson

Jazzy made this day so much fun, she was also very informative and professional.

14/06/2020 Fiona

Loved this beautiful bush walk.. Jazzy & Anna the perfect guides.. great length walk for me 👍

13/06/2020 Bev Vaughan

Throughly enjoyed hiking the Fairyland loop trail and meeting awesome women. Once again a great experience for me with tour guide Deb. Looking forward to the next one.

14/06/2020 Pauline Hedman

Lots of fun, lovely walk guided by the very friendly Deb, and great ladies I hope to see again.

14/06/2020 Melinda

Great walk, good views at the top. Grazing kangaroos, koala and lots of birds. I really enjoyed my walk.

06/06/2020 Irene Miller

As always, another delightful AW walk. Well organised; great to see Anna & Jazzy again. Interesting, friendly, like-minded Ladies...renewing friendships; meeting 'newbies'.

13/06/2020 Kaye M

it was great walk with good company

13/06/2020 Theresa C

What a wonderful experience this event turned out to be, even with the rain! First learning how to use a compass, then discovering how to use this new skill for reading a map and then navigating around a course within Whiteman Park. It was actually quite difficult lol, but also heaps of fun!. Morning tea, as always, was a real treat - thank you Brad! Our guides for the day, Jazzy & Sue O, were great teachers and lots of fun. Thanks so much Adventurous Women!

31/05/2020 Kim R

Always enjoy exploring new places with AW. This was a secret gem that did not disappoint.

11/06/2020 Kylie R

lovely to get out and meet other people who enjoy the outdoors

06/06/2020 Betty A

Absolutely loved it! Honestly, a near-spiritual experience for me. Healing and rejuvenation of the body, soul and mind. Our guide, Sue was absolutely lovely and so good to meet new people and share the experience. Definitely going again.

07/06/2020 Dinali David

A wonderful hike through beautiful Chambers Gully. Loved how everyone was supportive and very friendly

06/06/2020 Jo-Anne Hoff

A glorious day for a walk with a knowledgeable guide in a beautiful part of the hills with a lovely group of ladies.

07/06/2020 Karina

An easy introductory hike as advertised. Sue O was a great fun team leader who kept the bunch together and was very knowledgeable on all things flora and fauna along the trek.

07/06/2020 Kay K

It was a really fun experience with good company. Challenging yet very achievable.

06/06/2020 Sheri H

I had a brilliant day! The instructors were friendly, professional and extremely informative. You could tell they are passionate about what they do. I learned a lot of new skills and met some really lovely ladies in a supportive and inclusive environment. What a great way to begin my journey with Adventurous Women.

31/05/2020 Rachel C

A great day out combining theory and practical exercise in navigating by compass and map. The instructors had a very good way of teaching us the needed. It all felt very easy and straight forward.

31/05/2020 Tina

I have great day with orienteering and yummy morning tea

31/05/2020 Theresa Cavanagh

Great fun, very prepared and patient.

31/05/2020 J

My first outing with Adventurous Women and I loved it. Sue O and Jazzy were just lovely and we had a great bunch of women come along. Learnt a lot about map reading and using a compass but highlight was definitely the ginger cake and wattleseed biscuits ❤

31/05/2020 Jodie Phillips