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Thanks to Sue and Bettina, this retreat delivered all that it promised. Away from daily routines we were able to enjoy the company of like minded women, relax, laugh and mindfully appreciate the nature around us. All the activities were well organised and so enjoyable. It all came to an end too soon.

16/11/2018 Lynn V

Great weekend away with likeminded people. Lovely peaceful surroundings, great food and activities. You got it just right - I left feeling recharged!

16/11/2018 Jan H

We were first time hikers and so although we found the trek more challenging than expected, the beautiful lush screnery throughout culminating in a spectacular view from the top made it so well worth it! We absolutely loved it and would be glad to do more of this again. Also the ANZAC cookies Deb shared were a special, delicious treat.

My 16 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy (left hemiplegia) but is an athlete hence very fit, found the descent extremely challenging, not so much physically but mentally for she had to concentrate on her balance. But our guide Deb Grevias was absolutely amazing with her! Deb not only provided her with hiking sticks (she was only able to use one due to lack of control in her left hand) but supported, encouraged and motivated her throughout that she was able to complete the hike with a sense of accomplishment and pride! Deb also set the pace to Kailyn’s ability which was wonderful! For that I am thankful to the other hikers for their understanding and consideration.

I cannot thank Deb enough for her amazing support and empathy for Kailyn who trusted her implicitly! She is just awesome!

17/11/2018 Debra Joseph

What an amazing journey through an amazing country. Thanks to you, Rachid and a wonderful group of guides that brought each stop to life with all the historical and background information you could ask for.

18/10/2018 Kaye BL

I had a fantastic time. We were fortunate with perfect weather, the sunset was beautiful especially including the poppy display on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. A lovely bunch of people with some fun drinks and nibbles afterwards while watching beautiful views of the city. Plus a sense of satisfaction in really enjoying doing something different.

11/11/2018 Kathryn Morgan

11/11/2018 Bronwyn

I was given this trip by my husband. Definitely not my usual weekend activity and right out of my comfort zone. What a surprise - the whole event was seamlessly organised, the paddling just vigorous enough to keep us working without becoming exhausted, the river was glorious, and the company was great!

As for the food - fresh, interesting, plentiful, and all home-made. Thank you to all at Adventurous women (including

my fellow paddlers) for a truly inspiring and gently surprising weekend!

27/10/2018 Felicity

Morocco far exceeded expectation. Experienced the diversity of this nation which included the cities, kazbahs, medinas, mountains & desert. A rich cultural experience & well planned.

18/10/2018 Terri

Really enjoyed having a go at kayaking. Thanks to Leonie and Anna for their friendly welcome and for making it all so easy for us with great organization.

27/10/2018 Julie P

Really enjoyed the walk today. With our knowledgeable guide Sue, who made our adventure so interesting. I can't thank everyone enough, especially those who assisted me today. Despite the heat, it was most enjoyable. I look forward to another adventure with these great ladies. Many thanks.

03/11/2018 Clare P

Had a very enjoyable day for my first go at hiking the ladies made me feel very welcome

And the scenery was beautiful

03/11/2018 Lisa B

What stood out? Everything - place, weather, people. Kayaking - the brilliant instruction/ support and patience from Leonie. Food - was delicious and Annie was a wonderful, helpful, friendly host

27/10/2018 Andrea Brooks

It was a great, fun and relaxing weekend. Great hosts and group. Everything was very well organized. Food was yummy. Enough breaks during the day and a very good location for the paddle. :)

27/10/2018 KZ

My second time being "Adventurous"...and another great day!

Jazzy was an excellent guide, friendly and informative and had arranged some perfect walking weather for us. Morning tea was delicious and much appreciated.

28/10/2018 Ruth O

Adventerous Women will bring out the nature lover in you. Connect with nature and make and chat with new friends on this stunning trail. It is not difficult and with a moderate level of fitness, you will discover that you truly can put one foot in front of the other and make the distance!

28/10/2018 Clare McAlaney

This was a terrific trip. Great guides, good guests, excellent food - nothing to be unhappy about.

18/09/2018 Meredith H

20/10/2018 Lauren

I absolutely loved every second of my Walking Tour and Cape de Coedic and everything we did, viewed and experienced on Kangaroo Island!

Leonie from Adventurous Women is a truly beautiful lady with a wonderful soul. And Cindy from Park Trek, is a truly lovely and and fantastic lady with a beautiful soul too! They both looked after me so much. I'm 71 and they so looked out for me, all the time. They were the same with the other ladies. Our cuisine was superb with gourmet tasty food. And lots to eat! Our every whim was cared for by these 2 kind and generous women.

The accommodation was perfect! I loved feeling like I was so cosy in 'wilderness' spot. I still feel so happy after my Tour.

I loved the Seals and wildflowers and koalas and the amazing rocky headlands and beautiful aquamarine beaches.

I can't thank enough all the lovely women on the Tour with me. And Cindy and Leonie, for their great company.

Nothing was too much for Leonie and Cindy to do for me, and the other ladies.

As I couldn't do all walks, Cindy ensured I saw everything and more. And she picked me up from my 2nd visit to the Fur Seals. I loved the wild ocean and the Seals.

My dream to visit Kangaroo Island and the amazing wildlife and environment has come true.

Thanks to Leonie and Cindy, and my Tour companions, my trip has far exceeded my expectations.

I just loved it! Excellent! Magnifique!!

26/09/2018 Izzy Brady

An awesome trip in wonderful company. We covered lots of the island with stunning views, wildlife and fauna. The trip was extremely well organised, Leonie and Cindy put so much effort in to make the whole experience even better.

26/09/2018 Johanna

Great tour, Leonie couldn't do enough for us, worked long days, always cheerful, helpful, kind and thoughtful. And a lovely person :) I'd give her a 10 out of 10.

This was the first time I had done a tour by the way.
The food was excellent, I couldn't see how you could improve on it.
Cindy was also very professional.

The mix of walks and other things worked well and the accommodation was really good.

26/09/2018 Louke L

I partook in the Adventurous Womens KI trip with my sister. We had such a great time I loved that the accommodation and the other women on the trip were such interesting people to meet. The walking trails were excellent and we saw so much interesting Wildlife along the way. Highly recommend this experience.

26/09/2018 Vanessa S

It was a great trip to a great location - I am sure I will return.
Stood Out: Basically all of it - the food, the scenery, the animals, both guides and the other travellers - all amazing (or remarkable!)

26/09/2018 Jayne B

the trip was great. The staff were extremely kind and had lots of knowledge to share with us. The walks were a joy and very well organised.

26/09/2018 Lara

The Flinders Ranges walking holiday was excellent. The landscape and varied walking tracks are stunning. The small group was fun. The tour leaders were informative, great cooks & drivers and very caring in looking after the group. Adventurous Women & Parktrek is a good combination.

18/09/2018 Kerrie

As always a fantastic hiking experience that was brilliantly led by Sue. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the adventure with a lovely group of ladies who where great fun and inspirational.

29/09/2018 A Brooks

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation of Sue and the beautiful group of women I walked with on the weekend. The scenery and the experience of overnight camping out of a pack was an awesome experience and although I found it tough, with the support of the group and encouragement and expertise of Sue, amazingly I finished.

Thanks for providing these wonderful opportunities as I'm pretty sure a lot of us wouldn't be doing this on our own.

29/09/2018 Sharon M

Great day out, great company and absolutely fabulous food!

22/09/2018 Lorna

Being able to achieve all three abseils especially the last one by moonlight.

22/09/2018 Sue C

A wonderful day, especially freshly cooked cake and brewed coffee provided by Chris

23/09/2018 Anne Bain

A fantastic trip.

14/08/2018 Anne M

What a wonderful trip. Wouldn't change a thing. A wonderful walk in nature with great people and then hot showers and a lovely meal I didn't have to lift a finger for.

28/08/2018 Gay Jones

Wonderful time away with great people, enjoying nature and seeing beautiful wildflowers and beaches. Sue O did a marvellous job of being our guide, driver, chef and advisor. There was a challenging climb to the top of Mount Lesueur and we had plenty of time for relaxation and other scenic walks. Our accommodation was very clean and comfortable. Thanks for another fabulous event AW.

24/06/2018 Debbie Wood

It was my first experience with AW and I was a little apprehensive about the walking but it was all really well planned and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

24/06/2018 Sally Sibbald

Yesterday's walk was really great, I definitely felt relaxed and comfortable straight away with everyone in the group.

09/09/2018 Sharon S

What a fantastic way to see the wildflowers! Sue O is a sensational guide and everything was so well organised.

08/09/2018 Megan D

This was an absolutely amazing experience. Everything was superb from the amazing and knowledgeable guides to the houseboat to the delicious gourmet food and wine. The riverland is stunning and the flora and fauna that we spotted were a delight to see. A highly recommended tour for eveyone to indulge in.

28/08/2018 Vivian A

A fabulous trip, we were thoroughly looked after by all the guides :)

14/08/2018 Di Harvey

An incredible outback holiday! The scenery we were shown was amazing, and the organisation by Sue and the guys was fantastic. Adventurous Women, you rock!

14/08/2018 Debbie Wood

Quite possibly the best holiday/trip I have ever had. The scenery was spectacular. The trip was so well organised with lots to do and see but with down time to relax if needed. The food was top quality and all diet needs were catered for really well. The Kimberley is truly stunning and the guides and Sue H made it very special for all of us. Highly recommended.

14/08/2018 Debbie F

Leadership: excellent. Thanks Sue H.

Well organised trip, any issues quickly resolved, great choices and sequencing of places to visit. Great group of clients who all pitched in, many of them returning travellers with AW; excellent guides, personable, friendly, always helpful; well planned meals, always worth eating!;

14/08/2018 vjr

Another great day hike through a beautiful WA national park, river in full flow & some challenging gradients along the way. Loved it & look forward to many more

19/08/2018 Jeanne Heaton

Great day, thank you

05/08/2018 Helen Moss

What an enjoyable day. After a long hiatus from hiking, Sue and the group were amazing and supportive when the going became a little challenging for me. Thank so much, I'll be back for more

19/08/2018 Linda M

This was my first walk with AW and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the day. I was a little nervous turning up as a newbie, but within the first few minutes of arriving at the meeting point, I felt comfortable, welcomed, acknowledged and included.

Sue O. is a fabulous guide, who seems to have developed the knack of appearing to be in 3 different places at once! Very attentive and incredibly friendly and easy going; her vast walking experience is evident, and she easily elicits complete trust. She is knowledgeable about the area, both its history and flora and fauna, and was happy to answer any question.

The group of women were absolutely lovely, all with different backgrounds and stories to tell. Everyone was supportive of each other, and the vibe of the group was very positive.

And lastly, no feedback could be complete without a mention of the scrumptious homemade goodies provided for morning tea. It was well worth coming along just for that!
Overall the day was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

19/08/2018 Christine H

Thanks to all the Adventurous Women team for organising the walk yesterday.

I don't feel as achy as I thought I would this morning...

My trekking poles were invaluable with the steep and slippery up and downs. Yesterday was their first proper workout. Definitely feeling more confident about the Camino next year. Great chatting with Sue about it.

Thanks again...and I have to say, Brad, your nipple biscuits were sensational! Couldn't stop at one...or two...or three. Yummo!!! :)



19/08/2018 Ruth O

Great day out!!

19/08/2018 Kay W

This was my first Adventurous Women experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk to Mt Cook, the scenery great. It was good to walk with others, everyone was friendly, fun and great company. Sue excellently led us, with informative tips along the way. I've now booked my second walk. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity for adventure.

05/08/2018 Clare W

Fabulous day with fabulous food and fabulous company

05/08/2018 V Gowan