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Quite possibly the best holiday/trip I have ever had. The scenery was spectacular. The trip was so well organised with lots to do and see but with down time to relax if needed. The food was top quality and all diet needs were catered for really well. The Kimberley is truly stunning and the guides and Sue H made it very special for all of us. Highly recommended.

14/08/2018 Debbie F

Leadership: excellent. Thanks Sue H.

Well organised trip, any issues quickly resolved, great choices and sequencing of places to visit. Great group of clients who all pitched in, many of them returning travellers with AW; excellent guides, personable, friendly, always helpful; well planned meals, always worth eating!;

14/08/2018 vjr

Another great day hike through a beautiful WA national park, river in full flow & some challenging gradients along the way. Loved it & look forward to many more

19/08/2018 Jeanne Heaton

Great day, thank you

05/08/2018 Helen Moss

What an enjoyable day. After a long hiatus from hiking, Sue and the group were amazing and supportive when the going became a little challenging for me. Thank so much, I'll be back for more

19/08/2018 Linda M

This was my first walk with AW and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the day. I was a little nervous turning up as a newbie, but within the first few minutes of arriving at the meeting point, I felt comfortable, welcomed, acknowledged and included.

Sue O. is a fabulous guide, who seems to have developed the knack of appearing to be in 3 different places at once! Very attentive and incredibly friendly and easy going; her vast walking experience is evident, and she easily elicits complete trust. She is knowledgeable about the area, both its history and flora and fauna, and was happy to answer any question.

The group of women were absolutely lovely, all with different backgrounds and stories to tell. Everyone was supportive of each other, and the vibe of the group was very positive.

And lastly, no feedback could be complete without a mention of the scrumptious homemade goodies provided for morning tea. It was well worth coming along just for that!
Overall the day was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

19/08/2018 Christine H

Thanks to all the Adventurous Women team for organising the walk yesterday.

I don't feel as achy as I thought I would this morning...

My trekking poles were invaluable with the steep and slippery up and downs. Yesterday was their first proper workout. Definitely feeling more confident about the Camino next year. Great chatting with Sue about it.

Thanks again...and I have to say, Brad, your nipple biscuits were sensational! Couldn't stop at one...or two...or three. Yummo!!! :)



19/08/2018 Ruth O

Great day out!!

19/08/2018 Kay W

This was my first Adventurous Women experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk to Mt Cook, the scenery great. It was good to walk with others, everyone was friendly, fun and great company. Sue excellently led us, with informative tips along the way. I've now booked my second walk. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity for adventure.

05/08/2018 Clare W

Fabulous day with fabulous food and fabulous company

05/08/2018 V Gowan

Lovely, friendly chatty

29/07/2018 Gemma

It was a great day, lovely company and track was quite interesting and diverse.

22/07/2018 Raelene Watters

Huge thanks to Sue and Sue. This was my first activity with AW and I have been very impressed. I enjoyed meeting a whole new group of people and I look forward to many more activities.

22/07/2018 Lynn M

The Numbat trail was a challenging walk but the views throughout was worth it. Great bunch of ladies to walk with.

08/07/2018 M Min

Can't pick a stand out. So many. Tour guide brilliant. Meeting new people. Morning tea excellent and cuppa.
Everything was fantastic!

15/07/2018 Andrea B

Wonderful day with a great group of ladies, thanks Sue O

15/07/2018 Helen M

Great day out, brisk weather but fabulous views

08/07/2018 jenny smith

08/07/2018 Judith Bruechert

It was my first time with the group and must say had a wonderful day out hiking the Numbat trail with these inspiring women. Felt welcomed right from the start and was encouraged along the way. Judith was my savior sharing her hiking pole, every step then on was taken with a grateful heart.

It's always nice when you can have chats and giggles with likeminded women.

Need to mention the morning tea made for us was.

Gluten free butter sultana cake, seriously didn't think gluten free cake could taste this amazing. Along with raw date, walnut and chia "power balls" and gluten free almond, orange & cardamon biscuits with our choice of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. I opted for hot chocolate a woman's gotta splurge on a hike such as this.

08/07/2018 Suzy

What a great way to spend a day, walking with friends old and new, The walk was well organised and the food was delicious.

24/06/2018 Margaret McILroy

So much admiration, love and respect for the two Sues. To enable women from all walks of life to try different experiences, enabling us to go out of our comfort zone and meet other like minded women. The energy, humour, zest for life and passion for adventure is addictive.

15/06/2018 Kylie

My three night trip to walk along the Bibbulmen track was all I had hoped for and more. Looking forward to more fun and adventures with Adventurous Women

15/06/2018 Lauren Robertson

2nd time doing this particular tour .... and was not disappointed 2nd time around. Always well planned and fully briefed re next days events, expectations and time plan.

15/06/2018 JB

A terrific trip. Great company, accommodation, food, guide, planning and organising. Wonderful not to have to think of preparing food on our return.

15/06/2018 Gay

Such a great fun trip with lots of fun women. Sue and Sue did a fantastic job organising the trip and they made it super fun! The hiking was enjoyable and not too challenging which meant I could relax and enjoy the scenery. The weather was wonderful for two days and really not that bad on the third day. I look forward to doing more trips like this with AW!

15/06/2018 Wendy R

What a wonderful day. John Forrest NP is always lovely, even without lots of wildflowers. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a good day hike with likeminded folk.

24/06/2018 Wendy R

A great day with a challenging hike, beautiful views, and lots of chit chat with interesting ladies. The morning tea was a yummy bonus!

03/06/2018 Kim M

The walk was really good. Great to get know other ladies in AW. Chris was excellent as the leader - it was a very inclusive and fun walk.

10/06/2018 Dee S

It was my first hike with Adventurous women and I really enjoyed it. The distance was challenging but manageable and a good pace. Beautiful scenery and great bunch of ladies. Thank you.

17/06/2018 Aneta B

Lovely walk with a wonderful group of ladies..

17/06/2018 Anna C

Beautiful track, great company and as usual, very well organised!

17/06/2018 Jennifer Rolston

I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend - the new skills, the camping and getting to know 14 other like minded women, who I wouldn't hesitate to spend more time with. Although it was my first major event with AW since joining last year, I hope to be able to enjoy more in the coming year.
Thanks again to you and Sue for all your organising and take care.

08/06/2018 Raelene W

What a great weekend this was and I can thoroughly recommend it. It was very well organised, Bob and Ann were excellent teachers and I learnt so much. Being with a great bunch of women just topped the weekend off.

08/06/2018 Diana N

Absolutely fantastic weekend, informative and fun.

08/06/2018 Kim V

I had a fabulous day, thanks so much!

20/05/2018 Tara E

Good day out with great views and some hill and terrain challenges which was good training for Oxfam trail ! Our guide Sue was excellent and hadn’t realised we’d get real coffee and home baked treats on top of Mt .Cuthbert!

20/05/2018 Susan McC

Fantastic day walk. Beautiful views, gorgeous bush and great company. Knowledgeable, friendly and fun guide.
Thanks Sue and Adventurous Women!

20/05/2018 Dawn W

Great day out!

20/05/2018 Kay W

Great trip, great company.

20/03/2018 Anne Mc

Loved this trip! Would recommend it to everyone :) :) The food was amazing, so good...........
The walks were great - wonderful lengths with great diversity. The accommodation was lovely. The side trips to winery's, cafes and time in the towns were just right.

29/04/2018 Kay W

Wow what a great trip! I thoroughly enjoyed being out on the Bibbulmun Track with a lovely bunch of women. Sue H and Sue O were very professional, and the food was outstanding. I have made some great memories, and will be coming on another trip with Adventurous Women in the future. Thanks very much! :)

29/04/2018 Rowena W

I enjoyed the morning mainly due to 1. doing something different & the weather was lovely 2. I haven't been to Northbridge for a while so it was a good excuse to go have a look around.

05/05/2018 Raelene E

Lovely group of women & Sue's skills at keeping it all together were amazing !!
I loved our Cherry Blossom picnics in Osaka, hike to Mt Misen, Koyasan, hike to top of the shrine in Kyoto-anything to get away from the incredible number of tourists!!
Overall a great experience although very hectic at times.

02/04/2018 Jill

We had a great time! Deb was a lovely guide and all the ladies in the group were really nice 😊

Plus we had perfect weather!

I’ll keep an eye out for future emails to go on my next walk.

05/05/2018 Leanne F

Was a lovely day! Perfect weather, lovely scenery and great company :-)

05/05/2018 Caro V

I had an absolutely amazing day and Deb was awesome! The landscape is so majestic and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my experience with a lovely group of ladies led by an experienced guide. I drove 6 hours from home and back to join this trek and at no stage was I disappointed. I had an amazing day and can't stop thinking about the scenery and the sore calf muscles lol ( definitely worth it). Give my thanks to Deb for her patience and for sharing her knowledge and the secret waterfall..... I have never seen anything like it! So very beautiful, I could have sat there all day and let my body heal surrounded by nature.

05/05/2018 Sharon M

Japan during Cherry Blossom time was amazing! Thanks Sue for organising such a fantastic trip that had everything - all the sights, smells, tastes, scenery, customs and adventure of Japan. A truly great experience!

02/04/2018 Anne Smith

It was a great trip. The itinerary was good and well balanced and I have some wonderful memories. I think there was enough time spent in each place (although another day in Hiroshima would have been good). Thanks for the photos. I have downloaded them - yet to sort them all.

02/04/2018 Judy B