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The Camino Portuguese was fantastic! I very much enjoyed walking through various landscapes, the villages, the Portugese people, the churches, the environment, the feeling to be on a pilgrimage and making my way to Santiago de Compostela. Each day is a highlight with different experiences. Walking into Santiago on the last day and reaching the cathedral after all those days walking is very special.

I have made new friends, and as always, our guide Sue O was fantastic!

20/03/2018 Helen

This tour had us covering a lot of territory as there was much to see.So pleased that the tour started in Osaka as nature provided the cherry blossoms a little early and it was our opportunity to see them in proliferation. I was so thankful for the help of our Japanese guide as I am a coeliac and she helped me experience the food which would have been very difficult otherwise.

02/04/2018 Di R

I loved the whole trip and enjoyed all the places we went to. A couple of standouts (and it's hard to chose) are, the dinner at Hope, the trip to Nara and the Cherry blossom picnic. I enjoyed meeting the other ladies and appreciated the diversity of the group. Everyone had something different to offer.

02/04/2018 Julie R

The 2018 Portuguese Camino pilgrimage took us through medieval villages, along cobblestoned streets, visiting cathedrals and churches, walking on leafy woodland paths and beside picturesque waterways. Gaining daily passport stamps kept us distracted as did the coffee and food stops during the day. Bridges, orchards, animals all photographed. Accommodation, meals and the joy shared with a delightful group of ladies and with Sue O leading with her support and inspiration made this a five-star journey for me.

20/03/2018 Lesley W

I had a great time, thanks for the opportunity to do something that wouldn't normally have the chance to do.

08/04/2018 Marina Baker

Really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone, the encouragement and support from all the ladies at the high ropes challenge was gratefully received. looking forward to my next adventure!

08/04/2018 Megan W

Everything from pre tour information to end of tour was very good. Worth every cent and well done AW and other contributors.

20/03/2018 Tanya W

More than met my expectations. Thank you. Sue was a great guide. Fellow walkers were delightful. Inclusive, kind and fun.

20/03/2018 Susie Farrell

What a gem - serious bush walking wrapped around visits to a Belgian Chocolate Mill, tastings at a Cidery & the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.Beautiful accommodation in the Daylesford Manor House, just a short walk from the town centre. Visits to the Convent Gallery, Amazing Mill Markets & the Secret Garden Plant Centre rounded off a very upmarket walking holiday with Adventurous Women.

06/03/2018 Jeanne H

The Murray river especially at the start near Pinjarra was beautiful. The guides were friendly, professional and very organised and the other ladies were all lovely. Food was great, accommodation was really very good. It was great having chairs to sit on along the river.

10/03/2018 Roma Press

Wow :D what a fantastic trip! I loved everything about it. The guides (Sue and Greg) where so knowledgeable, organised (great cooks) and lots of fun. Each day the scenery was completely different (the beauty of Tasmania just blew me away). It didn't take me long (about 10 min :)) to bond with the of other ladies, they were just awesome. Every women needs healthy, fun break away from time to time and this trip ticked all the boxes for me. This was my first trip with "Adventurous Women" and it won't be my last. Thank you so much x

01/03/2018 Michelle Collins

As usual a very well organised tour, with careful attention to detail, so everything ran very smoothly. Really enjoyed having Greg on board again. He has the knack of blending in with our all women groups & provides local knowledge in a quiet, confident manner. Sue O & Greg are a great combination to have as our guides

01/03/2018 Jeanne Heaton

I enjoyed that it had different elements, day one was paddling the river and looking at the bush, a drink at the pub, the chance to have a spa on the Saturday night and then on the Sunday it was more Estuary.

Having the 2 Dolphins swim under us going up the river then seeing them come back past at lunch time was great

10/03/2018 Bronwyn Pollitt


10/03/2018 Virginia G

Excellent tour. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. We were made feel welcome by the Adventurous Women leaders. The group was a good size so that we all had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the SUP experience. The afternoon tea afterwards was beautifully presented and gave us the opportunity to reflect on our experience. Thanks for a fantastic afternoon.

24/02/2018 Fiona P

It was well organised and I had a great day.

24/02/2018 Sandie M

It was a fantastic experience. Our host was amazing . The instructors were so supportive and so patient. For me was very hard to stay on balance when standing up on the board and I had a few falls but they stayed with me and made me safe.
The scenery was incredible we even had the dolphins coming to say hello.

24/02/2018 Molly

Great guide Mark, got the whole group paddle boarding. Informative about surrounds and wildlife.

24/02/2018 Jane S

I'd never heard of AW before this, but liked what i learned about them and their walks and would certainly look at future walks with them.

01/03/2018 Kathleen W

Another excellent trip organised by AW. Really enjoyed all aspects of the day. Really well organised - Sue and Neri were fantastic guides and hosts. They made it lots of fun and we all learnt lots too. Thanks AW. I'll be back.

18/02/2018 Dawn W

Learn To SUP SA

Was a great day - nice to meet everyone. Start was a little disorganised with a lot of waiting about, however that gave everyone the chance to get to know each other

21/01/2018 Kim Ferguson

Learn To SUP SA

Great day and enjoyed the experience. Although it was my error, I did mistake the day and went on the Saturday not the Sunday, so I would suggest ensuring the day as the date when giving details. Lunch was fun and up to AW standards!!

21/01/2018 Maureen Cooper

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

Great day out. Good exercise, great company. Would love to try other things Fairbridge has to offer such as archery and canoeing.

20/01/2018 Lorna W

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

Great day out. Good exercise, great company. Would love to try other things Fairbridge has to offer such as archery and canoeing.

20/01/2018 Lorna W

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

Had a great day, as usual the guide was great, the food was amazing and the atmosphere encouraging and welcoming. The swim was an excellent way to end the day.

20/01/2018 Joanne Fredrickson

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

It was a great day out. As always I met so me fabulous ladies. Was nice to see other mother and daughters there together. The number of participants was good. We got to have multiple turns on rock clime and abseiling. As usual, Sue O was an awesome host. Kept us amused and took lots of fabulous photos. Thanks Brad. The food wa so so delicious and you catered for the vegetarian well. Thank you. Thank you to all concerned. Also our hosts at Fairbridge farm where also fantastic and very patient. Thank you to them also.

20/01/2018 Vicki H

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

My first excursion with AW and I loved it. It was an added bonus that my daughter could come along to share the day. Great vibe great group of women.

20/01/2018 Ann H

Active Adrenalin Adventure Day WA

Fantastic adrenaline filled day

20/01/2018 Denise Andrews

Snowy Mountains, 5 Day Walking Tour ACT

I saw this trip on the AW website before I became a member. I decided to do it as I thought the Snowy Mountains would be a stunning place to go hiking. And I was right!! The scenery was beautiful and varied. It included alpine and bush walking both of which were lovely. I am from Perth so it was good to see the bush in a different part of the country. The guides were good, especially Sue O'Connor who made everything heaps of fun. The other women on the tour were friendly and a good bunch to go hiking with. There were lots of people in my general age group which I liked. The accommodation was good except it clearly was not designed to be used in the warmer months.

04/01/2018 Wendy R

Snowy Mountains, 5 Day Walking Tour ACT

I loved this trip, the accommodation was amazing, food so appropriate, activities harder than I thought it would be which made me work harder, not a bad thing. I loved the scenery and history and the achievements. Sue the tour guide just perfect, very friendly and professional, she did an amazing job being sure to include everyone no matter what our activity level was.

04/01/2018 Jen V

Bibbulmun Track Collie to Balingup WA

Sue and Jazzy made my hike super enjoyable. Their positivity, knowledge, humour, jokes, meals, thoughtfulness and attention to detail made this such a fun time. The walking pace is comfortable with plenty of rests and opportunities for photos and crazy group shots. The Bibb track is full of surprises, with no day the same.

17/11/2017 Rhonda B

Bibbulmun Track Collie to Balingup WA

Thank you so much for going forward with the trek even though the numbers were low. We had a fantastic time together and all got to know each other. Was just so beautiful to be out in the bush enjoying being in nature. Enjoyed the diversity of wild flowers. Then at the end of the day a warm shower, gourmet meal and a comfy bed.

17/11/2017 Natalie.B

Bibbulmun Track Collie to Balingup WA

Was well-thought out. Very well organised. Perfect walking weather!

17/11/2017 Sadhna Maroo

Active Adrenalin Adventure WA

Had another wonderful day with Adventurous Women. My daughter and I did Rock Climbing, Abseiling and High Ropes. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was such a fun day, we were challenged and had a few bruises at the end of it. But it was so worth it. Our picnic lunch was delicious and the food absolutely mind-blowing - not what you'd expect on a picnic in the Bush. (Thanks Brad, you out-did yourself again!!) Our Host for the day Sue O - as always - loads of fun and always up for a laugh. Thanks again AW :)

11/11/2017 DONELLE C

Active Adrenalin Adventure WA

Lovely group of people, thank you. I am terrified of heights so this was a challenge for me. I watched in admiration as many did things I quake at considering. Thank you for all the care and work you put into these days. May I comment that the MALE instructor was excellent - unlike some instructors, he never showed he was bored or tired, he was not dismissive of those with no skills and had a very calm manner about him. I was particularly grateful for him not making fun of me shaking so much at the top of the tower. he also coped with all the wimmin!! Please let him know.

11/11/2017 Sue

Active Adrenalin Adventure WA

Fantastic day. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do the next one. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. It was such a supportive environment that made it easy as a first timer to fit in and feel comfortable. Thank you.

11/11/2017 Lisa P

Bibbulmun Track Happy Camper Northcliffe to Pemberton WA

Good trip overall, especially for those who just want to walk the Track, but not alone.

27/10/2017 Robin T

Active Adrenalin Adventure WA

Hi Brad, it was an awesome day and really enjoyed the wall and abseiling which I haven't done before. The high rope challenging however there was only time to do it once as there had to be a spotter below helping.
Maybe canoeing or a short walk instead of the geocaching.

11/11/2017 Bev Larsen

Active Adrenalin Adventure WA

Nice day out with a lovely group of women, challenging ourselves with different activities. Great food, Thanks Brad.

11/11/2017 Gwyneth

Bibbulmun Track Collie to Balingup WA

The trip was perfectly well planned, taking everything foreseeable into account, without giving you the feeling of over-engineering; there was room to discuss variations or preferences. The guides were like friends and members of the group, but at the same time were always fully aware of their responsibility taking this role very seriously. Sue and Janette did everything to make the trip enjoyable for everyone and to make it a great experience for all of us. I highly appreciated their style of leadership. Excellent and varied food during the whole trip. The timing and duration of the daily hiking tours were good and adequate. To sleep in excellent and pretty locations, after a day of hiking.

17/11/2017 Ruth Schmutz

Bibbulmun Track Happy Camper Northcliffe to Pemberton WA

This was my first hike with AW and i THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. The scenery, the company, the guides and the food. FAULTLESS. I had the best time. I felt right at home. I haven't stopped talking about it since ive got back. I can't wait for my next one.

27/10/2017 dianne

South West Adventure Tour WA

This was another excellently organised trip by AW. I always look forward to these short breaks.

02/10/2017 TERESA

Bibbulmun Track Happy Camper Northcliffe to Pemberton WA

Another awesome adventure. Everything is thought of. Sue n Jazzy are amazing hosts. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food was beyond fantastic n in abundance. Not the usual BBQ fare you’d expect. We had gourmet delites from Salmon for dinner to pancakes for breakfast. I’ll looking forward to my next adventure. Thanks Guys it was an wonderfull 4-day getaway 😊😊

27/10/2017 Donelle

Bibbulmun Track Happy Camper Northcliffe to Pemberton WA

Had a great trip again with AW. Many thanks to our gorgeous guides, they were patient, funny, kind and worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed.

27/10/2017 Helen M

Bibbulmun Track Happy Camper Northcliffe to Pemberton WA

AW are brilliant! The trip was really well organised and the food amazing (too amazing really!). The walking was gorgeous - the Track was awesome with lots of wildflowers, beautiful trees and scenery, fun and reliable guides and quite a few fallen trees to climb over added to the fun. Sue and Jaz cooked meals in a fairly difficult setting but did it with ease - we were all very impressed with that. All in all, a fabulous 4 days with like minded lovely ladies. And amazing value for money too. PS: Loved Sid's Campground, even though my tent was in a wind tunnel and blew down, and over, and had to be moved!

27/10/2017 Dawn Woods

South West Adventure Tour WA

A highly enjoyable trip. So well organised. Nothing was forgotten or too hard. I was so impressed with the food and how it was catered for people with diet needs. I really enjoyed all the ladies company and their positive attitude to everything we did. The scenery was amazing and the tours we did just fantastic. Dirty Deeds bike tour with Rob, through the wineries,was so well organised and fun. I really loved how we could buy wine and it was picked up and arranged to deliver to us. The Jet boat Adventure tour was the highlight for sure. Pete gave us maximum time to enjoy the best of the whales. We were respectfully close to them, saw some breaching and tail slapping. He gave us the history of the area and we saw many other wildlife such as dolphins, turtles and fur seals. Just a magical and well organised trip away. Totally recommended.

20/10/2017 Debbie F

Great choice of walk legs. They were beautiful locations and offered a broad variety of terrain. Certainly inspired me to further explore some of the area/tracks. Food quality was sensational and plentiful. Loved having the full box of fruit inside the door of the bus. Our guides were super knowledgeable & their hospitality was outstanding. They were passionate in their efforts toward meal preparation, presentation and ensuring a clear understanding of forward plans. The special beach picnic at the conclusion definitely trumps a certificate :)

16/09/2017 Paula A

the leaders did a lovely job, the food was good, as was the choice for lunches and dinner. the accommodation was good, the second one I enjoyed more than the first. personally I didn't realise there would be so many hills, but now I have done the trek I am definitely fitter. just walked around Melbourne with a friend and was pleased how much fitter I was than her !!