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22/05/2023 Gaye B

My first multi day hike with AW and I am already looking for the next one! An amazing 4 days with a fabulous group of like minded women, exceptional food, accomodation and transport. Friendly, welcoming and experience guides topped off a great holiday.

26/05/2023 Rayleen

Amazing trip with amazing group of women

22/05/2023 Caroline G

My first walk with AW was to Lake Samsonvale. It was an enjoyable experience with Caron as our guide. I am looking forward to future walks/hikes.

26/05/2023 Y A

20 minutes from home what a lovely walk and a great group also a delicious cake 🥾

27/05/2023 Robyn

Another lovely walk in nature. An easy walk. I'll definitely be back to do this one again.

27/05/2023 Angela

The most amazing thing I have ever done.

06/05/2023 June S

21/05/2023 Bronwen Evans

Magnificent bucket list kayaking, snorkeling, great company, food and sunsets all ticked in one activity. Supporting company very accommodating and clear with daily instructions for the group. Beautiful group of ladies out there to enjoy life and a really unique experience.

Thanks AW. Host Jazzy, you’re a legend, thank you.

15/05/2023 Chris B

The whole week was amazing, kayaking was wonderful and snorkelling was spectacular with lots of sightings of turtles and beautiful fish and coral. The guides were very encouraging and very friendly with lots of good information. Jazzy was a star to have as a guide. Would highly recommend the whale shark tour.

15/05/2023 Cathy Boscoe

I had a fabulous time. Just getting back into hiking so distance of 11ks was just right. Guide was very knowledgeable and personable.

21/05/2023 Sandra P

Lovely little hike, flat and easy, in a wonderful part of WA (Parkerville) that I had never been to before.

21/05/2023 Kay W

This was a bit more high paced than other hikes and I enjoyed the more hilly terrain. We all finished in good spirits- great day out in the woods!

20/05/2023 AC

Awesome walk. It was long but not a difficult track. Well organized and awesome guides.

20/05/2023 Tricia

06/05/2023 Bev

18/05/2023 Jen H

Amazing trip to the Flimders ranges with the camels. Leonie went above and beyond to make sure we are settled. The staff were great, giving us opportunities to help with the camels. The scenery and the camels were beautiful

06/05/2023 Sue

A great way to experience the Whitsunday Islands, excellent crew, big thank you to our hosts Kat & Caron, a fantastic group of ladies. so much fun.

04/05/2023 Jo P

The Whitsundays was a beautiful part of the world to explore - I am so pleased I went there.

04/05/2023 Christine S

04/05/2023 Sinne Anson

What great morning, sun was shining, great company. I don’t think anyone paused for breath, the chatter was constant the whole way

12/05/2023 Sharon

Stunning scenery and a great mix of walks, exploring and snorkelling all from a 120 yr old sailing ship.

04/05/2023 Jane M

Awesome adventure in a marine wonderland, surrounded by unparalleled beauty aboard the beautiful Solway Lass with wonderful guides.

04/05/2023 Teresa

Great walk so glad I come from Vic. It’s been a while but you guys still do it so well.

29/04/2023 Max

29/04/2023 Sue M

Excellent. Well paced, well supported, nice accommodation and great food.

29/04/2023 Julie P

It was everything I expected, but even better to do this with this group - the support and encouragement in the whole group was outstanding

30/04/2023 Michelle Halliday

Great way to get out of one's comfort zone. Everyone did at their own levels. Well done. Leonie excelled with our luncheon reward and hearing the groups previous adventures/experiences and future plans was both inspiring and a highlight. Highly recommend. Thanks especially to Leonie but to all who stepped out with us. 🙏🌈💞

30/04/2023 Mary

Adventurous Women met all my expectations, Sue was excellent to deal with and the guides could not have been more professional.

11/03/2023 Jan W

Fantastic! This was a great experience and Leonie was an amazing host. The Tree Climb was scary to begin with, but after a while I was more confident. I would do this activity again.

30/04/2023 Brianna L

Thoroughly enjoyed this experience - so glad I did it. Great bunch of ladies of that I felt included with and like we were all on the same wave-length. Like-minded people that just want to enjoy life - loved it. Tree Climb was a fun activity too :)

30/04/2023 Gillian

A really great little walk. Kat was superb as always - knowledgeable, fun, supportive to all participants.

28/04/2023 Angela

Jan and Kerrie did a great job in choosing walks, accommodation and Adventurous Women. Guides were terrific.

11/03/2023 Bev

This was probably the best group yet. Hate those hills but Chris was a fantastic leader and supported us all the way.

15/04/2023 Eve Fraser

My expectations were exceeded. Non member, live 3 hours away, with only flat ground to walk, so was a little concerned about the "steepness". Was not a problem. Great company, weather was exceptional. Unexpected & informative commentary with little photographic tips & tricks. Our guide, Leonie, was aware, patient, informative, safety minded, interesting as well as interested - plus she provided a few surprises!!! Any hesitation I had was unfounded, it was just a fabulous day which will be a long time "great" memory. Wanted to do the hike as a precursor to something bigger I am hoping to do & it was perfect. Thanks to Leonie, Regina, Sarah and especially Brad and Sue for allowing the hike to proceed. 👌😍🌞

14/04/2023 Mary B

What a great morning workout. Lovely scenery and company. Really enjoyed the coffee and cake at a local Cafe afterwards.

15/04/2023 Annette M

A lovely morning, with great weather, to tackle what turned out to be quite an easy walk. Although advertised as straight up….. it was nowhere near what I was expecting much to my relief Phew….. morning tea was as yummy as it always is. Claire upped the ante with full table service….

14/04/2023 Kay W

Really enjoyed this weekend away with the other hikers and our guide Claire. Three shelters in 3 nights with manageable hiking distances each day. Camp nights were fun and the Easter bunny even found us! Keep doing what you're doing you adventurous women, and a big thanks to Claire for her care and proficient guiding.

07/04/2023 Sandi K

07/04/2023 lyndall

A great 4 day Easter weekend hiking on the Bibbulmun track enjoying the company of likeminded Adventurous Women. There’s always something new to experience (setting up tents in the rain) but team work gets the job done.

07/04/2023 Hayley W

Great way to shake out gear, learn new things and have fun with a friendly group. Our guide was supportive, patient and lovely company

07/04/2023 Julie P

Mt Hobwee has been on my bucket list for many years. Wonderful to have the opportunity to go with such a great group of ladies. Although there is no view at the summit, certainly stunning views along the way. Kat and Caron, despite injuries, lead the way in their usual enthusiastic and encouraging way. Well recommended.

09/04/2023 Rhonda

Lovely day to share with the tribe. Thanks to everyone.

09/04/2023 Chris B

09/04/2023 Kathy

Well out of my comfort zone as first time in a kayak, however, I was very well looked after by a great team and the ladies in the group.

01/04/2023 Jackie

This is a lovely walk, especially for those starting their multi day hiking journey. It has everything-the beach, coastal forests, bushland and wind turbines. Fabulous accommodation at the end of the day, and the guides went above and beyond to make the meals, the hikes and other daily activities as perfect as possible. It is a wonderful way to spend a week with other adventurous ladies.

25/03/2023 Ulrike K

What an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish! I loved everything about the Bibbulmun Track walk between Albany and Denmark.

25/03/2023 Stasia

Lovely little heart starter at Mt Edwards. Beautiful day, great company and wonderful guides. Enjoyed the care taken - and the nibbles and coffee at the finish.

31/03/2023 Janet H